Trak racer is teasing new sim racing pedals

We all know Trak Racer, the Australian company best known for its cockpits and sim racing rigs. What started with wheel stands many years ago, became one of the market leader in the sim racing industry, with warehouses in all continents and a wide range of products. And, a partnership with Alpine F1 brought a …

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Asetek Wheel Bases

Have you been looking for the optimal wheelbases for your sim racing needs, and want to know more about the new Asetek Wheel Bases? The haptic expression of racing makes a massive difference in terms of overall gaming experience – and with this thought in mind, the feedback provided by the sim racing wheelbase can …

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Moza R21 Wheel Base

The Moza Racing R21 is the crown jewel of the Shenzhen based based Camera and Sim racing manufacturer. Equipped with 21 Nm of peak torque, this, together with the Moza R16, was one of the product that Moza Racing used to challenge the top end of the market, and the R21 is positioned to compete …

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Moza R5 Wheel Base

Looking for a cheap but good performing wheel base for under 350$/€*? Are you either upgrading from a chain-based wheel base or want to make a proper entry into Sim racing by securing an up to date tech such as Direct Drive, but also want to spend as less as possible? Keep on reading, the …

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Fanatec availability of products

As most of you Sim Racers know, the growth of our e-sport, combined with the long lasting effects of the pandemic has created some issues in the supply chain of hardware products ready for delivery.  This is especially true for the availability for the CSL DD wheelbase or other top-sold bundles or new steering wheels. …

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SimLab XB1 Handbrake announced

SimLab, a Dutch company famous for its top notch cockpits, has recently expanded its range of product outside rigs and related accessories. Since yesterday, the company announced the release of their first proper sim racing peripheral that will make drifting and rally fans super excited: the XB1 Handbrake With the introduction of a 150kg of …

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Best Sim Racing Setup

best sim racing setup

There are plenty of ways to start sim racing, safe to say at the beginning all you need is a wheelbase and a steering wheel, they are the heart of any system, but if you want to take your game experiences to the next level you will need to add some serious gear on play. …

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Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2

fanatec csl elite pedals review

CSL Elite Pedals V2 ( REVIEW ) They look like two identical sets of pedals from Fanatec, but if you look close enough, exciting upgrades and changes were made from the V1 version, That’s why this review will become more like a comparison table between the two pedals, rather than making our impression only on …

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Best Sim Racing Rigs / Cockpits

Best Sim Racing Rigs Cockpits

For those who maybe don’t know, the rigs or cockpits are where you mount your setup on. There are different types that go from simple rigs, where you can mount the racing wheel and pedals and just go for it, to cockpits, where further from the racing wheel and pedals, you mount a racing seat …

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