MOZA R5 Bundle

MOZA R5 Bundle Review

MOZA R5 Bundle review
MOZA R5 Bundle Review

MOZA Racing is one of those brands that is actually growing up very well, they surprised the market a few days ago with the announcement of a bundled product, which is the first of its kind in the brand’s catalog. 

The MOZA DD R5 got 5.5 Nm of torque—which means that you can feel every last bit of force your car exerts on the track, and it feels as though you’re really driving. It also features an airplane-grade aluminum base construction, ensuring the product will last a very long time.

Covered in hand-stitch leather for a comfortable and quality feeling, and made in aluminum alloy, the ES Steering Wheel will make driving feel just as does fancy real cars in real life — the 22 programmable buttons, in addition with 2 shifter paddles are going to be the responsible from delivering the immense amount of control over the car.

This steering wheel brings from the factory 10 LED lamp beads that indicate the RPM, and every single aspect of the wheel is fully customizable via software.

The next big thing are the pedals, where the SR-P Lite Pedals take the stage. They have a high-strength steel construction with adjustable pedal spacing and pedal height, together with the hall sensor and the possibility to mount the pedals on a rig, cockpit, and even in an inverted position, making this a very capable pedal set even with the lack of a clutch.

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The Buyer’s Guide and Product Review

Last Modified: October 5 of 2022.

BrandMOZA Racing
Product Type:Racing Wheel
Model:R5 Bundle
Technology:Direct Drive
Editorial Rating:
Ready for:Only for PC
Product Official Page:MOZA R5 Bundle

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Brief Design Overview

Moza R5 Bundle product

MOZA R5 Bundle

  • Direct Drive Technology
  • 5.5 Nm of Torque
  • Airplane Grade Aluminum
  • Customized Quick Release
  • 22 Programmable buttons 
  • Hand-made stitch leather
  • Adjustable Pedal Spacing and height 
  • Mapping Pedal output curves
  • MOZA Pit House Control

SR-P Pedals Lite

ES Steering Wheel


The MOZA R5 Bundle is compatible only with PC systems, with no possibility to connect the base to any console. The wheelbase includes power, data, display, pedals, and wheel input connections allowing to have a good setup on a budget.


High-quality construction materials ensure a long-lasting productNot compatible with consoles (PS or Xbox)
Fully customizable inputs all over the steering wheelNo clutch included
Includes a table clamp to attach the racing wheel to a desk

What is included

  • R5 Wheel Base x1
  • ES Steering Wheel x1
  • SR-P Lite Pedals (No Clutch) x1
  • R5 Table Clamp
  • 15 Degree Desktop Mounting Clip
  • Power Supply
  • Power Cable
  • USB Cable
  • M4*10 Socket Screws x12
  • M6*20 Socket Head Screws x2
  • M8 Nuts x3
  • M6x12 Socket Head Screws x4
  • Pedal Fixed Rubber Columns x2
  • 2.5 mm Hexagonal Wrench x1
  • 7 mm Open End Wrench x1
  • 5 mm Hexagonal Wrench x1
  • Type A to Type B USB Cable x1
  • M8*12 Hexagonal Screws x3

MOZA R5 Bundle Competitors

Moza R5 Bundle Vs Fanatec Bundle

You might think it is very hard to find any decent rival for this bad boy, it’s very competitive price along with high standard quality, the Direct Drive technology, and the included table clamp, made this base a pretty good option for someone who wants to start in the sim racing world without break the bank.

But of course, we can compare the racing wheel with other great products, for example, if you add $100 more you can buy the Fanatec CSL DD Racing Wheel WRC (sold out right now) with 8Nm of power, the only downsides are they don’t include the pedals. Other than that, the CSL DD is a strong competition for the Moza R5, here is a more in-depth analysis.

FeatureMoza R5 BundleCSL DD Racing Wheel WRC
TechnologyDirect DriveDirect Drive
Torque5.5 Nm8.0 Nm
Wheel ConnectionMoza Quick ReleaseFanatec Quick Release
Compatible SystemPCXBOX & PC
PedalsIncludedNot Included
Wheel GripHand-stitched LeatherGenuine Alcantara Grip

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of Quick Release does the Wheel Base use?

MOZA products use its own Customized Quick Release system, which ensures a firm connection between the steering wheel and the base.

Is the Steering Wheel interchangeable?

Yes! The Es Steering Wheel is detachable so you can try adding another steering wheel, just make sure it is compatible with MOZA’s Customized Quick Release.

How to customize the parameters of the setup?

Even the base, steering, and pedals can be fully customized on the MOZA’s Pit House App, where you can adjust sensibility, steering grade, force feedback intensity, and everything in between you can imagine.

Our Thoughts

In our opinion, this is a good investment if you are a beginner, or you want to upgrade to the Direct Drive technology with a quality product at a reasonable price.

This racing wheel is simply the perfect solution for sim racers enthusiasts who want to get the best possible experience from their driving simulation without spending loads of money on super expensive dedicated sim racing hardware or electronics they may or may not use in the future.

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