Fanatec discount codes

You’ve come to this page looking for a discount code for your Fanatec purchase?

Well, we’re sorry to spoil your hopes, but Fanatec is not know to give out coupon codes or discount as many other companies do on the web.
This has been true for many years, and it’s probably part of a clear company marketing strategy that wants to be positioned as a top sim racing brand.

If you know our website, you’d know how much we like and personally use their products, and we like (a lot!) that you can purchase them at any moment without worrying about looking for a discount code, a free shipping offer or some “last day” promotion.

Nevertheless, even Fanatec changes prices sometimes, so you see a cut or increase in the cost of a specific product: we already warn you that this does not happen frequently but only in occasion of major releases, bundles or product updates.
The only exception is Black Friday where usually there are a bunch of products with a temporary 20-30% off.

Since Covid-times, Fanatec had some stock issues for the most sold products such as the CSL DD or the Gran Turismo bundles – for that, we created a page where you can quickly keep track of your favorite products and see if and when they will be ready for purchase, in case they aren’t.

So, in essence: no need to search the web for coupons.

Disclaimer: we are a Fanatec affiliate and might receive a slight commission if you purchase via our links

Does Fanatec have seasonal discounts?

As mentioned above, no. The only time the company is known to make an exception, is for Black Friday.

Should I wait until Black Friday to purchase a Fanatec product?

It depends if you can manage to wait and which product you want to buy. Generally, we see Fanatec discounts “older” products or add-ons accessories such as Load Cell pack, DD Boost Kit, etc.
For instance, we don’t expect CSL DD or other high-demand products to be part of Black Friday 2023, but you never know!

What is the best way to save on Fanatec products?

The only way that exist is to purchase products sold in Bundles: for instance wheel and pedals together. This will save you 10-50 $/€ compared with buying them separately, and you will also pay shipping once

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