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Sim Racing is more than a passion, is a lifestyle, playing is a time to share with friends, family, and other racers around the world, It’s a time to push your limits and improve your laps, We know very well that feeling, but we share with you as well a way of fun than only high-end input devices can achieve.

As active players in the simracing community, we faced the same problems as you do, getting the most high-performance products, with the most immerse reality, costs a lot of money.

There is a fact, Simracing products aren´t cheap, you will need a budget to grab all your favorite products, our main goal here is to get you on track with the best options that suit better your needs, both, on level of experience and price.

In we follow high stands and we truly believe that Fanatec provides and pushes the limits in terms of realism and performance. We really think is one of the best options out there, Yet we do our review with you in mind. Fanatec ecosystem is big and complex, there is one simracing wheel for almost any need out there, and many things can go wrong.

Hopefully, after you read our reviews you will get a fine perspective on what your needs are, and more important for you to get the feeling you did a very good deal on your simracing appliances.

Fanatec Ecosystem

Racing Wheels

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Best Fanatec Simracing products of 2022

Hand-pick list of the best products in the Fanatec Ecosystem, the top 3 is base on many hours of testing, user reviews, and our experiences. We believe in performance and price-saving to make this list, We take this very seriously and what you see here is for sure the best of the best in Fanatec Products.

Podium Racing Wheel F1 - Best racing wheel of 2020
Clubsport Pedals V3 - Best Pedals of 2020
Clubsport Formula V2 - Best Steering Wheel 2020

Best Prices

Nothing better than getting for more than you paid. That’s all about this section, Highlight the cheapest products in the Fanatec ecosystem, but not for cheap means lack of quality. Don’t get me wrong, Fanatec products are really good but with a price, And as we told you before our may goal is make you happy and if you can save some money on the way, our job will be done.

$ 569.95 ( You save $29.95)

best in budget racing wheels 2020

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CSL Elite Racing Wheel

$ 199.95

best in budget steering wheels 2020

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CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC

$ 229.96 ( You save $9.94)

best in budget pedals 2020

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CSL Elite Pedals LC

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PROS and CONS of Fanatec Products

Fanatec is a great brand, We all know that !, Not for nothing is one of the leading in the sim racing industry nowadays, but It’s not alone, many other companies are doing very well as well, brands like heusinkveld produces high-quality equipment like pedals, in the RIM space cubecontrols create top-notch products, in bases simcube leads the market side by side with Fanatec. So, as you might suggest so far, you have other options than Fanatec.
We care about you, that’s our main priority, we exist because of you, and thinking in that we analyze Fanatec’s products very carefully and with an honest perspective in mind. Questions like; Is Fanatec worth the money? Is Fanatec better than Thrustmaster? Which Fanatec wheel is the best? resolve those concerns properly, are, for far our main commitment with you.


  • High-quality products
  • Large ecosystem ( Categories ) of products
  • Cross-platform
  • Ready for PS4 and next-gen of Playstation 5
  • Ready for Xbox One and next-gen of Xbox Serie X
  • Native compatible for PC
  • For any type of racers


  • With a price, not for everyone out there
  • Most products are for PC and Xbox

New Products Release

CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2

Officially licensed by McLaren Automotive Limited, this is a full-size, detailed reproduction of the steering wheel used in McLaren GT3 race cars.

iRacing Voucher

Grab your Three-month trial subscription only valid for a new iRacing account. With the purchase of any steering wheel on Fanatec website.

Podium BMW M4 GT3

The fusion of sim racing and motorsport continues at a relentless pace with the new Steering Wheel BMW m4 ready to be lunch in the second quarter of 2021

CSL Universal HUB

The newest product release in 2021, the Universal HUB thought for the CSL Serie and create to supports a wide variety of wheel rims.

CSL DD Wheelbase

The newest product release in 2021, the CSL DD Wheelbase, #TheNewStandarDD , with this new product the Direct-Drive technology comes to the CSL Series.

fanatec csl steering wheel BMW Review


The last but not least product in the BMW trilogy, the CSL BMW comes to field the need for an entry-level wheel we can combine with the new DD CSL Base but at a reasonable price.

Gran Turismo™ DD Pro! racing wheel
Gran Turismo™ DD Pro! racing wheel

Gran Turiso DD PRO

Fanatec’s Official Gran Turismo Racing Wheel revealed Prices start from $700.

What do we have for you on this website?

Well-research reviews of all Fanatec products, PROS & CONS following high-standards, based on thousands of hours of testing these products,  the idea is to show you a smooth footprint as objective as possible.

With us you will find your way through a full list of Fanatec`s product reviews and at the end you can have a picture of your needs and hopefully buy the setup that best meets your requirements.

About Fanatec

According to the experts in the field ( Including us )

Fanatec is the global market leader in high-end sim racing equipment for consoles and PCs. Fanatec’s product range starts at the top range level of its competition and further positions itself in the high-end section, well known as the driving force for innovation in this segment. Hello realism. Good-bye toys.

Last Update: August 18 of 2022.