How to Submit Your Sim Racing Hardware for Review by Our Expert Team

At, our Netherlands based team is dedicated to providing readers with high-quality content and juicy reviews of sim racing hardware. The website has recently changed ownership, and we’re more focused than ever on delivering unbiased and reliable information to our users.

If you’re a manufacturer interested in having your peripheral reviewed by our team, please follow the guidelines below.

Our Review Philosophy

Honesty and integrity: We believe in providing our readers with accurate and honest assessments of the products we review. Our reviews may result in positive or negative outcomes based on our analysis, and our opinions cannot be influenced. We aim to be as impartial as possible, ensuring that our readers receive trustworthy information.

Affiliate partnerships: While we do earn revenue from affiliate products on our website, our primary goal is to serve our readers with reliable information.

Submitting Your Product for Review:

a. Contact us: Email us at reviews {a t} crazyracings dot com with information about your product, brand, specs and marketing materials.

b. Send us a sample: If we’re interested, we’ll request a sample to be sent to our Netherlands office. We will use the sample solely for review-related purposes and return it to you afterward. Providing us with a sample allows us to give a more accurate review