Best Moza Racing Pedals

Moza Racing currently have only 3 set of pedals in their catalog, even we would like they have more, the truth is that they are doing great with the actual ones. For those who doubt about the construcction quality or maybe response time, Moza Racing has you covered. You may think that there are few …

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Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2

fanatec csl elite pedals review

CSL Elite Pedals V2 ( REVIEW ) They look like two identical sets of pedals from Fanatec, but if you look close enough, exciting upgrades and changes were made from the V1 version, That’s why this review will become more like a comparison table between the two pedals, rather than making our impression only on …

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Best Sim Racing Pedals Under $1000

best sim racing pedals under 1000

When we go up to $1000 we see options with the most advanced technology and features that only real racing car pedals can offer. Brands like Fanatec, Heusinkveld and Simagic, step strong in the field, where sometimes the only decisive factor is the design or even which brand likes you the most. As we said …

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Best Sim Racing Pedals Under $500

Pedals are an important part of your overall sim racing experience, they are designed with a real race car in mind. Most sim racers out there agree that pedals can make you faster. Especially important is a good Load Cell Brake with a real-world feel, they add more realism than any other sim racing product, …

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