CSL Elite F1® Set – officially licensed for PS4™ Review

CSL Elite F1® Set - officially licensed for PS4™

Fanatec CSL Elite F1 Set 

There’s no doubt that all Fanatec products are pretty amazing, the German manufacturer brings joy to my life – not to my wallet – every time they launch a product and this was not the exception, if you prefer the f1 style, I mean, smaller and rectangular design that also allows you fast movements and reactions this one is for you.

Officially licensed for ps4 and Formula 1 the elite set is pure force, built specifically for competition, ultra-realistic (they pay a lot of attention to details), this package includes the ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula 1 Esports rim, the CSL Elite Wheel Base+, and the CSL Elite Pedals. The bundle is compatible with the PC and all PlayStation4 and PlayStation Pro systems.

The CSL Elite F1® Set isn’t cheap but is not too expensive either, if you want to invest in a mid-range set (but with an entry-price) do it, buy it, the quality is amazing, smooth and precious, to be honest, I was a little disappointed with the two pedals but it is ok, they are the starting point when it comes to pedals for Fanatec, the wheel is small if you compare with other similar products, but when you get used to the size oooh lord, you completely forget it after a few minutes and the focus on the game goes to the 100%.

->Best price on Fanatec

The Buyer’s Guide and Review

Last modified: August 04 of 2020.

Product Overview

Product Type Racing Wheel【bundle】
Serie CSL Elite
Pedals Included
Editorial Rating 9.1 Starts
Ready For PS5 / PS4 / PC / Xbox One Ready
Product Page Fanatec CSL Elite F1 Set 

The Clubsport Steering Wheel F1 Esports

The Clubsport Steering Wheel F1 Esports
The Clubsport Steering Wheel F1 Esports

I´m agree, this steering wheel is eye-catching and truly inspired by the latest Formula 1™ technology. I believe this is the heart of this set, the Clubsport F1 esports is built with quality materials, the CNC machined and anodised aluminium combined with the grips in top Alcantara offer a sensational feeling of quality, Not for nothing is the first choice for professional F1 Esports drivers worldwide.

This steering wheel stands for the LED Displays, full of useful information for the driver allowing on-the-fly menu adjustments, Telemetry data can be shown directly on the stunning blue LED display, including speed, current gear, and other parameters, the revolution LED bar is an ideal indicator for timing perfect upshifts.

The main features you will get with this steering wheel are;

  • A real replica of a steering wheel as used in formula cars (Officially licensed by Formula 1™)
  • Compact diameter of 27 cm and with a weight: approx. 1200g
  • Grips made of genuine Italian made Alcantara® with two vibration motors integrated
  • 11 Buttons plus two paddle shifter buttons with ultra-reliable switches
  • 7-way FunkySwitch™ to change settings
  • Revolution LED bar (RevLEDs) with nine LEDs (3x yellow, 3x red, 3x blue) primarily to show motor RPM and optimal shifting point
  • LED display to show telemetry data like speed or gear
  • Tuning functions with LED display
  • Adjustable and detachable paddle shifters completely made of metal.

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The CSL Elite wheel base

The CSL Elite wheel base
The CSL Elite wheel base

It´s supposed to be the entry-level for Fanatec bases, Actually, It is, but don´t get me wrong, this servo-base has a lot of features to discuss, What I like the most is, works seamless with all PS4™ and PS4™ Pro consoles, ( Not all bases does ),  If you are looking a native base for your PS4 console, then you are in the right place with de CSL Elite, Fanatec made a partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe to make this works as smooth as possible for Sony´enthusiastics. keynote: Don´t forget to switch from PC mode to PS4 mode. ( if that your case).

What´s more relevant about the CSL is that the base use all the advanced and highly praised ClubSport technology. The servo motor, electronics, and power supply come straight from its high-end brother. This delivers the same force feedback as Clubsport bases but at a more reasonable price.

The powerful brushless servo motor combined with the single belt drive delivers impressively detailed and strong force feedback. The mechanics of the wheelbase is designed to have minimal friction and ultra-low cogging for the purest force feedback sensations, but what about performance in real life?

Well, testing on the feal the servo-base we ca agree with Fanatec in many ways the Force Feedback enhance your sim racing experience, nothing to regret on that, yet we have some points to highlight with this product, for example, getting this bundle is going too far on “rev light bars”, both, the base and wheel come with rev light technology, that means A LOT lighting for me, actually you can get lose and get not the full potential of these features, for example get to know the exact moment when doing an up-shifter.  the good news is you can turn them off when you are using the F1 Esports steering wheel

The Pedals

You can tell this is the weakest point of this bundle, but to be honest, to be an entry-point for high tech sim products I think is quite good,  if you don´t get the full experience you need you can always acquire the optional CSL Elite Pedals Loadcell Kit and adds a third pedal, the loadcell brake unit, and uses the former brake unit as clutch pedal with a new limiter pad.

Despite not having the load-cell already incorporated, the resistance you get is not that bad, of course it will deal better with a load-cell brake pedal in place but to be honest if you are planning suit this set just for F1 and GT you won’t use them anyway.

What´s most relevant about this pair of pedals are:

  • Extra-long pedals for more realism and comfort
  • Adjustable horizontal distance between pedal units
  • Ability to easily remove pedals from heelrest and install them together with the electronics in cockpits or stands seperately
  • Detachable rubber pedal covers offer good grip on soft surface
  • Direct connection to Fanatec Wheel Bases and Racing Wheels
  • USB connection to PC only via ClubSport USB Adapter (optional)
  • Upgradable by CSL Elite Pedals Loadcell Kit (optional)

ACCESSORIES: csl elite pedals-loadcell kit

How does this CSL Elite bundle perform as a complete sim racing bundle?

I think Fanatec takes 3 great products and create one “package” for people looking to begin their F1 sim racing career, but don´t want to spend a lot of money in much more expensive products like Podium Racing Wheel F1

Brief Design Overview

Believe it or not, this racing wheel is an entry-point level, but let me explain why, As you might know already, Fanatec produce one of the top simracing products out there, Their setups are pre-made for most hardcore racing enthusiasts, with ultra-realistic effects and one of the stronger force feedback you will ever see, (or feel), but these features come with a price, Fanatec products cost money, and with the release of new technologies like Direct Drive simracing is getting more a more pro-class for the most part.

So, back with the way, If you want to be part of the Fanatec Ecosystem without the concern of “losing” some advanced features, this CSL Elite F1 bundle is for you. What I like the most and at the same time don’t like in this racing wheel is the F1 style, definitely smaller than a real F1 racing car, but don’t get me wrong this machine is well designed with tons of features and a nice set of buttons.


PS5: Yes PS4: Yes PS3: No PC: Yes Xbox: No Xbox Series X: No

This racing wheel is compatible with all PlayStation® systems including PlayStation®4 and PlayStation® Pro systems, and the new Playstation 5,  as well on PC this wheel is fully compatible with your Personal Computer. On the other hand for Xbox One and the new Xbox serie this product is not fully compatible depend on the used steering wheel.

What´s Include

A lot of things are included with this bundle, the entire list here.

  1. CSL Elite Wheel Base + – officially licensed for PS4™
  2. ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula 1 Esports
  3. CSL Elite Pedals (heel rest, throttle unit, brake unit with PU foam damper, mounting materials and tools)
  4. Table clamp and screw with handle ( ( this is a nice add from Fanatec )
  5. Power supply unit (cable length: power supply to wheel base 1,5 m/6 ft)​​
  6. Power cord (regional) (cable length: socket to power supply 1,5 m/6 ft.)
  7. USB connection cable (2 m/6 ft.)
  8. Connection cable pedals to wheel base RJ12/RJ12 (3 m/9 ft.)
  9. O-Ring (spare for Quick Release shaft)
  10. Safety pin for long storage
  11. Safety screw for permanent mounting
  12. Racing style button caps for CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 (PS4™​ version)
  13. PS4™ button caps
  14. Racing-Style button caps included
  15. Quick Guides




  • The official F1 Esports equipment as used by the F1 teams
  • Pedals are not the top of the chain
  • The steering wheel feels great and looks nice, the colors are just great and I love the “rev light bars”
  • Loadcell brake pedal not included
  • Very good for competition
  • The wheel is smaller than the actual real F1 Car
  • Very good Force Feedback
  • the base is not the biggest in the industry ( if it is a problem for you )
  • Officially licensed F1 and PS4
  • Just for F1 Titles

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

  • Is the Fanatec F1 Esports Wheel compatible with Xbox One?

No on that, The F1 Esport is just compatible with PC and PS4.

  • Is the Fanatec F1 Esport Wheel compatible with PS5?

Yes on that, This product is compatible with all PS5 consoles.

  • Is the cheapest racing wheel from Fanatec?

Yes on that, at $699.95, the CSL Elite F1® Set – officially licensed for PS4 is the cheapest racing wheel you can get from Fanatec.

Final Analyze

Should you buy it? , The answer depends, if you are upgrading from a mid-tier competition setups like Thrustmaster or Logitech then this is a nice move, with this bundle you will get everything you need to start in the simracing competition.

$699.95 ->Best price on Fanatec

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CSL Elite F1® Set – officially licensed for PS4™






Force Feedback







  • The official F1 Esports equipment as used by the F1 teams
  • Officially licensed by Formula 1™
  • Refined Racing Ergonomics
  • Power and Precision from Fanatec ClubSport Technology
  • High-Performance Aluminium Pedals


  • Pedals