Podium Wheel Base DD1 Vs DD2

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Podium Wheel Base DD1 Vs DD2

Fanatec Direct Drive – DD1 Vs DD2

¿Wich is better? ¿Wich one should I buy? ¿What’s the benefit of getting the DD2? ¿What do I do? Heeeeeeelp!!!, These are some of the mail subjects I received often from my readers all over the world, I’m gonna answer these questions and so much more in this post that is titled: Choosing a DD for dummies, a guide for the confused humans.  Sounds like you? stay tuned I will figure out with Direct Drive better suit your needs.

Basically, both are the same, their shape and size are identical, the DD2 has a carbon fiber finish and the DD1 all-aluminum housing.

Nice smooth, responsive, precise force, good image, quick release mechanism, stable while movement, for real the main difference is in the software that runs a little bit different in the DD2, the torque of DD1 is from 15 to 20 Nm while the DD2 has 18nm of useable torque peaking at 25nm.

The DD podiums series use an outrunner-type motor that was specially designed for them, the magic in this motor is the feeling, because is almost the same as the racing cars using power steering.

¿What should you buy? Hard to say, is completely your choice, if you ask me, I´m buying right now the DD1 because honestly in the DD2 I feel like I´m paying for the warranty (the DD1 has 3 years and the DD2 5 years).

The Buyer’s Guide and Review

Fanatec Podium dd1 vs dd2 ( Product Overview) 

Last modified: October 25 of 2019.

Product Overview ( DD1 )

Product Type Direct Drive Sim Racing Base
Model P WB DD1 US
Serie Direct Drive
Pedals Not Include
Editorial Rating 5 Starts
Ready For PC / XBox ONE Ready
Product Page Direct Drive DD1 

$1,199.95 ->Best price on Fanatec

Product Overview (DD2)

Product Type Direct Drive Sim Racing Base
Model P WB DD2 US
Serie Direct Drive
Pedals Not Include
Editorial Rating 5 Starts
Ready For PC / XBox ONE Ready
Product Page Direct Drive DD2

$1,499.95 ->Best price on Fanatec

Brief Design Overview for the DD Serie

  • Podium wheel bases include advanced telemetry features in the OLED display for real-time motor and force feedback data such as power output, FFB clipping and more.
  • Upgraded Fanatec Tuning Menu
  • Support for advanced dual-clutch bite-point mode
  • Integrated electronics within wheelbase housing, no external control box required.
  • All Fanatec peripherals fully supported. Choose from a growing selection of Fanatec steering wheels in many different styles and price/quality levels.
  • Allows connection of two external shifters (e.g. H-pattern and sequential) in parallel
  • Mount for ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles and other optional accessories Connection ports for peripheral devices: USB, Power, Pedals, Shifter 1, Shifter 2, Handbrake


· PC: Yes
· PS4: No 
· PS3: No
· Xbox One: Yes

Keynote: The Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1 USA comes with a DD1 Base the first-ever Direct Drive compatible with PS4. These products are standalone wheelbases the DD1 and DD2 are not compatible with PS4, if you want a fully compatible with this platform you will need to buy the racing wheel Podium Racing Wheel F1 USA

Product Overview

Product Type Racing Wheel
Model P RW F1 US
Serie Podium
Pedals Not Include
Editorial Rating 5 Starts
Ready For PC / PS4
Product Page Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1 USA


Features for the DD line-up

  • Very fast installation, complete plug and play package
  • Price for the DD Serie is far from cheap
  • All existing and upcoming Fanatec peripherals fully supported
  • Not compatible with PS4 – the final approval from Sony is pending
  • Outrunner-type motor
  • The DD1 does not come with a kill switch
  • Made to last: 5 years warranty
  • Not a real reason to buy a DD2 instead of a DD1 as a standalone product
  • Of course, Direct Drive Technology is the advantage.

Finale Analyze ( Fanatec dd1 vs dd2 )

Difference between Fanatec dd1 and dd2?

What product carry to home? Fanatec dd1 or dd2? , Well the answer is, Not really big differences in both products, besides the price, for not-real professionals in sim racing games you will not notice the differences between one or the other, What you will notice for sure is the balances in your bank account if you buy the DD2, is almost 1.500 $ just for the base.

If you have enough money to chase after the DD2 Wheelbase then knowing what’s the benefit of getting DD2 exactly would help you a lot or even (save you some money), Taking a closer look at the DD2 It seems only marginally stronger than DD1. With a peak torque of 25Nm compare with the 20Nm in the DD1,  So other than the slightly stronger motor, the 5-year warranty, and the Kill Switch you won´t get that much.

If you are new to DD System there is no reason you buy a standalone DD Base, instead of buying a full packet in the hands of  Podium Racing Wheel F1 USA ( You will get a steering wheel as well for the same price ).

$1,199.95 ->Best price on Fanatec