Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel for Xbox One & PC

CSL Elite Racing Wheel for Xbox One & PC - Analisis

Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel for Xbox One & PC

Truth be told, Fanatec does not make cheap products, after taxes you will pay more than for a brand new Xbox One console, however, In 2016 they did a nice move, brought to market this accessible gaming wheel, actually the cheapest in their product line, The Fanatec CSL Elite for Xbox One and PC.

But cheap doesn’t mean bad or less quality, yet this  “entry-level” racing wheel comes with a P1 Steering Wheel, one of the most advanced and customizable in the market, no else company bring to the market a product with such high technology involved, like the illuminated RevStripe with integrated LED display for telemetry and tuning options.

There are two aspects of a racing wheel should be covering to be considering a good product, does are, how it feel in-your-hands and how well performs in use, I think very clearly that the CSL Serie cover very well both. The genuine automotive Alcantara and the and the eye-catching red cross-stitched seam that cover the rin are simply amazing.

$389.90 ->Best price on Fanatec

The Buyer’s Guide and Review

Last modified: January 27, 2019.

Product Overview

Product Type Racing Wheel
Model CSL E RW P1X
Serie CSL
Pedals Not Include
Editorial Rating 4 Starts
Ready For PC & Xbox One
Ready For CSL Elite Racing Wheel for Xbox One & PC

Brief Design Overview

Review CSL Elite Racing Wheel for XBOX ONE & PC-CR1

This Racing wheel is the ideal accessory for Xbox and PC gamers, it looks really good, just like the premium style I like, you can replace all the buttons, light bar into the wheelbase, LED display into the top of the wheel, 11 changeable buttons, 2 paddle shifters and 1 7-way joystick for navigating into the internal menu. Materials look really good and elegant for driving sets, the blue stitching adds a classy touch to it, actually looks worth to try

Basic Specifications

  • It’s an amazing choice for drifting lovers, with its precise movements and accelerating changes.
  • LED Display for speed, current gear, remaining fuel and many other parameters and tuning functions can be shown, (not working with every game)
  • Light bar in the top of the wheel (so classy)
  • Ideal distribution of the elements (buttons, joysticks, LED display and light bar) so they don’t disturb your screen view.
  • Really snuggly and nice to touch, makes you feel some kind of security while holding.


  •  Stronger and smoother force feedback than the Thrustmaster T-Serie
  •  Problems with the “quick release” is no that quick
  •  Good Quality and Durability
  •  Clamp problems, better you get a hard mount
  • LED display – save 5 custom settings for different games and people
  •  below their ClubSport V2 product line
  •  Very good price, quality, and durability (lowest price)
  •  Highly customizable

Performing feature

So cool for SIM racing! (once you get pedals of course) but as I mentioned, the game you play with can be the determinant factor between an amazing driving and another one. Fast response, precise movements and looks/feel amazing with GTA games.


It feels much more toy-like, this wheel is definitely an entry-level product from Fanatec,  despite the brushed aluminum face, the rest is made from a normal plastic. But is ok the all plastic, the rubber coated and the rin in general are good enough to go.

The metal paddles also worth to mention, the click sometimes doesn’t feel to match the gameplay situation,

Key Point

Main Material: CNC Machined Aluminum

Position Sensor: Dual Magnetic Hall

Number of Buttons on Steering Wheel: 11

In general, It’s made most of aluminum and robust plastic so won’t easily break down (great notice for those with anger issues) as resistant and qualified as any other Fanatec wheel. It’s easy to clean and looks really nice when you build an entirely organized set with the all Fanatec Eco-System peripheral devices, like (USB, Power, Pedals, Shifter 1, Shifter 2, Handbrake) (Build it nicely so your mom will be proud)

It allows two shifters simultaneously Includes a table clamp, allowing a stable and toolless attachment to the gaming desk or table, an amazing addition to comfort.

The Fanatec wheel system is highly customizable. There are a couple of wheelbases, four sets of pedals, more than 10 wheels, and separate handbrakes and shifters.

Force Feedback

Easily described in 4 words: strength, feel, accuracy and response. The “Brushless servo motor” delivers up to 6Nm of torque on the steering axis, that’s the reason why it has this smooth effect on the acceleration.

Even when the system is quite simple, you won’t be able to handle it if you don’t read the manual (bad news for many reading-haters)

This point gives a pretty realistic response while driving, I’d call it classy and smooth.

Key points 

  • Drive Motor: New Brushless Servo Motor with improved electronics
  • Drive System: Two multi-v-ribbed belts
  • Drive material: CNC machined Aluminum pulleys with ball bearings
  • Vibration Motors: Yes (2)


The light bar (rev lights) and the LED display (speedometer) doesn’t actually work with some games, that’s a real shame ‘cause kind of ruins the experience with those games specifically.

Soft moves, strong and realistic response to movements and buttons disposition makes it easy to play, it butters me when some functions don’t totally work with every game, it kind of ruins a gaming experience that could be awesome.

The 90°-1080° is pretty good, the automatic centered works well but the manual way is a little complicated for me.
Has a DirectSensor on the steering axis to prevent influence of the belt drive on the position sensor

The internal menú has 6 profile configurations preset, but you can adjust (which is awesome for the first two games but changing it for every single game is actually annoying):

In this racing wheel you can adjust 

  • Sensitivity: Alters the turning circle of the steering wheel.
  • Force Feedback: Customize the strength of the force feedback motors from 0-100%.
  • Shock: Fiddle with the strength of the rumble motors from 0-100%.
  • ABS: Simulates the feel of ABS when you brake hard.
  • Linearity: Alters how sensitive the wheel turn is towards the centre.
  • Deadzone: Change how much of a deadzone there is at the centre of the wheel.
  • Drift: Increasing this lets you reduce the wheel resistance to make drifting.
  • Force/Spring/damper: (PC only) lets you fine-tune the feel of the various components of force feedback.
  • Brake Force: Change how much brake pedal pressure is needed to reach 100% braking force.

Key point 

  • Degrees of rotation: 90°-1080°
  • Adjustable: Sensitivity – FF strength – spring – shock – damper – drift mode (Advances) – brake force – ABS vibration
  • Steering wheel paddle shifter adjustability: Angle/distance to rim/travel/detachable


Pedals are not included in this racing wheel, but if you are looking for a more in-depth experience you will need to make a purchase here, the good news is, with this price range you have some space to invest in nice pedals like the CSL Elite Pedals LC

Racing Cockpits

We recommend the state-of-the-art RennSport Cockpit for better compatibility, but we know for sure most people won’t have this kind of budget to buy one of this, but thanks to all there is a well-known company doing high-quality products in  gaming-seats and cockpits -> Playseat

Platforms & Compatibility

It is specially designed for PC and functions on Xbox One.

Platform compatibility

PlayStation®: This product is not compatible with any PlayStation® console and cannot be upgraded to achieve compatibility.

Xbox One®: This racing wheel is compatible with Xbox One® out-of-box due to the included CSL Steering Wheel P1 for Xbox One. Without any Xbox One® licensed Steering Wheel attached, the Wheel Base is NOT compatible with Xbox One®.

PC: This racing wheel is compatible with PC in combination with the included steering wheel and all other compatible steering wheels.

Other platforms: This racing wheel is not compatible with MAC products.

About peripherals:

  • Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake (direct connection to wheelbase)
  • All Fanatec ClubSport steering wheels
  • All Fanatec CSL and CSL Elite steering wheels
  • All Fanatec ClubSport, CSR, CSR Elite, CSL and CSL Elite Pedals (adapter cables might be required on pedals without RJ12 connection)
  • All Fanatec CSL and ClubSport Shifters (two shifters simultaneously)
  • Fanatec ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles
  • Mounting on cockpits and wheel stands: 3 hard-mount points on the bottom of the wheelbase. Please refer to the drilling template in the download section for the hole pattern and distances. The hole pattern is identical with the ClubSport Wheel Bases without the angle adapter (3 hard-mount holes). Please take note that the CSL
  • Elite Wheel Base (PS4™ version) hole pattern is NOT compatible with the discontinued CSL Seat.

Key Point 

Connection ports: Shifter1, Shifter2, Pedal, Handbrake

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

How does the Steering wheel paddle shifter adjustability help my gaming experience?
Comfort is as important as functionality, that’s why the angle and distance to rim adjustability makes the difference


  • Only Racing Wheel | | $389.90
  • With pedals ->CSL Elite Pedals LC | | $589.85
  • With pedals and shifter -> ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5 | | $789.80
  • Do you want to buy only Steering Wheel ? – >CSL Steering Wheel P1

Buy in bundle 

What does this set include?

  • CSL Elite Wheel Base
  • Table Clamp
  • Power supply (cables: socket to power supply 1,5 m/6 ft.; power supply to wheel base 1,5 m/6 ft)
  • USB cable (2 m/6 ft.)
  • CSL Steering Wheel P1 for Xbox One
  • Quick Release safety pin for long storage
  • Quick Release safety screw for permanent mount (M6 x 18mm flat head)
  • Allen Key 5 mm
  • Quick Guides

Final Analyze

First of all, this is a solid entry-wheel its price and quality are reasonably related (but would be AMAZING if it included pedals), is really powerful, nice and precise. The before-use driver installing process is really annoying but worth it, the LED display and the light bar are amazing and exciting for to the experience (with the right game and FFB configuration of course). Comfortable and practical for every kind of gamer.

Buy on Fanatec

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CSL Elite Racing Wheel for Xbox One and PC review

CSL Elite Racing Wheel for Xbox One & PC






Force Feedback







  • Very powerful force feedback
  • Versatile customisation
  • Extremely smooth
  • Excellent pedal board


  • Plastic base housing
  • expensive
  • Wheel upgrades are expensive