Sponsoring your sim racing league?

We are Sim racers, not just the owners of an review website about sim racing products.

One of our goals is to support the community, and also to get some more visibility while doing so. We are looking to partner with sim racing folks, sponsor sim racing teams, leagues or drivers.

We are open to hear your ideas and we’ll evaluate it. Please don’t forget we are a small website and we cannot afford huge projects or fees.
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FAQ – Sim racing sponsorships

How do I get a sim racing sponsor?

Well, first of all you need to provide value to the companies you’d like to be your sponsor.
Create a nice brand image for your league or team and get as much exposure as possible (streaming, having a website, etc.)
Another important thing is to be able to track results: companies like to measure their investment so provide them with as many numbers as possible that show what you bring to the table

What do i need to get sponsors?

There is no specific requirement, you just need to create visibility and ask for fair fees.
Some manufacturers might also prefer to provide you with gear and hardware instead of payments as it’s clearly cheaper for them and you can give exposure to their products

Are there professional sim-racers?

Probably some but it’s tricky. You might want to combine different sources of income – for instance from your racing teams and prizes combined with streaming, sponsorship and coaching revenues.

Please also note that turning it into a job might take out most of the fun as you’d have to train for many hours a day and be involved in promotional activities and looking for sponsors for the remaining part of your time.