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Sim-Lab Cockpits review

SIM-LAB cockpits

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When it comes to a sim racing cockpit, it’s crucial to start out with the right equipment to help optimise your gameplay experience. However, many people overlook the importance of a great cockpit for their sim racing games, so it’s easy to miss out. Still, this shouldn’t have to be the case.
Luckily, with the right approach and a little research initially, finding the ideal sim racing cockpits becomes relatively simple.

The Importance of a High-Quality Sim Racing Cockpit

Of course, there are numerous different reasons why investing in a great cockpit is so important for your sim racing efforts. Of course, the most obvious benefit of a great cockpit is that it provides far better comfort for gamers overall, making it easier to play at your best without getting sore, stiff, or fatigued.
However, it’s also a vital aspect of great gameplay; it helps simulate a more realistic driving experience, and the right design may even help improve your level of control during fast-paced races.

Don’t forget: sim racing cockpits come in many different sizes and shapes. As such, there’s sure to be one that works for you – and Sim-Lab’s range might be ideal.

Who Are Sim-Lab?

Sim-Lab is a Netherlands-based sim racing company providing a wide range of specialist accessories and equipment options. Founded in 2015, the firm has grown very quickly to become one of the most well-recognized providers of premium-quality sim racing equipment.

Their cutting-edge techniques help ensure that every product they supply is finished to the highest standard, irrefutably helping racers take their games to the next level overall.

A recent partnership with Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 saw Sim-Lab becoming the official e-sports partner of the team, and last month the manufacturer also launched its first hardware product with the Sim-lab XB1 Handbrake

The Best 5 Sim-Lab Racing Cockpits You Should Know

With Sim-Lab being one of the most well-loved brands in the sim racing world, it’s no surprise that their unique products have become some of the most popular on the market. However, not all of their cockpits are created equally, and there are several key similarities and differences that may help you choose the right model for your needs.

#1 Sim-Lab WS-Pro Wheel Stand – €/$ 159

As the most basic option on the Sim-Lab cockpits range, the WS-Pro wheel stand is ideal if you’ve been looking for a “cheap and cheerful” design that’s easy to integrate with your system. Indeed, while the WS-Pro wheel stand might need a little more work done, it’s the ideal solution for anyone wanting a strong, durable, and professional grade sim racing setup without the massive expense that can come with other options.

In addition to the basic wheel stand-alone, upgrading your system with seat support for around €70 more is possible. This helps increase the comfort of the system overall, making it a great entry-level system for those wanting to get started with top-rated sim racing for the first time.

The stand works brilliantly with numerous high-end wheelbases, making it a popular choice. It’s also possible to upgrade from the system if you’d like to improve your gaming experience in the future, so this is well worth keeping in mind.

#2 Sim-Lab GT1 Evo – 449€ – 499$

GT1 Evo is the next step up in terms of the Sim-Labs range of cockpits, and at just under €450, it’s also one of the most affordable high-end cockpits on the market. Perhaps the most apparent feature of this excellent value-for-money design is that it offers the full cockpit experience, compared to the WS-Pro which only includes the main frame. As such, this could be the ideal option if you want to enhance your own sim racing experience without breaking the bank

One of the key things to consider about the GT1 Evo is that it still relies on the same premium tech as the advanced designs. However, with a somewhat simpler finish, it’s the perfect design for new sim racers who’ve been looking to get started but haven’t mastered all of the features of the super-premium designs.

As is standard with Sim-Labs’ amazing designs, the GT1 Evo is fully compatible with numerous different wheels, including Fanatec, Logitech, and AccuForce designs (to name a few)

The are plenty of accessories for this cockpit: do you want a monitor mount, a keyboard or mouse tray? You can find all the options available to customise it to your needs.
A side mount arm for handbrakes, shifter or any other use you’d want to is included with the GT1-Evo

This is the cockpit I have been personally using the a couple of years and I’m really happy about it. If you buy it, get a free afternoon as it will take some time to build it and customise it to your need. At the beginning it might be a bit frustrating, but at the end I had a lot of fun: you can really adapt it to fit your wishes and fitting your height, even if you are a tall dude like me!

SINCE JULY 2023 there is a new evolution of the GT1, the GT1 PRO

#3 Sim-Lab RaceX Pro Chassis – 699€

The RaceX Pro Chassis is definitely one of the best designs on the market if you’ve been looking for a premium mid-range option that allows you to fully customize your sim racing experience. Indeed, this brilliant chassis is designed to be fully compatible with all well-known brands, and its quick-assembly design makes it easier to put together too.

It’s worth considering that the basic cockpit chassis doesn’t include the seat. However, this is available as an additional extra, although doing so will bump the price up by several hundred dollars.

#4 Sim-Lab P1-X Sim Racing Cockpit – 829€ – 899$

If you’ve been looking for a professional grade sim racing cockpit, we’d definitely recommend looking at the P1-X system. It’s one of the most versatile solutions on the market for individuals wanting a design that won’t completely break the bank (but still delivers an excellent level of performance and reliability overall).

One of the system’s great features is that it’s exceptionally easy to adjust and change. The design offers a wide range of seat positions and steering wheel and pedal adjustments, allowing racers to find the perfect driving position for their unique preferences. What’s more, the cockpit is also very stable, making very precise movements a lot simpler. The system is also fully compatible with a wide range of racing gear, including direct drive wheels and pedals; as such, it should integrate easily with your existing setup and system.

The P1-X also comes with the option of upgrading to a design with Sim feet included for an additional €70. Buyers can choose where they’d prefer to have the wheel mount (either front mount or wheel deck) as well as the type of wheel mount.

#5 Sim-Lab X1-Pro – 1499€ -1599$

Finally, as the most expensive racing cockpit on offer by Sim-Lab, the X1-Pro does what it says in the title: it’s the professional solution for gamers who want to take their racing experience to unbeatable heights. The price is definitely prohibitive for most casual players, at nearly €1800. However, it really is impossible to beat the ergonomics and performance of the system overall.

The X1-Pro includes a single monitor mount, heavy-duty pedal tray (with additional hardware for further mounts), 120 mm extender for direct-drive motors, and more. As such, it’s safe to say that it really offers everything a professional sim racer might need.

As the highest-quality professional-grade racing setup, the X1-Pro is definitely designed with professional players in mind. But, of course, it’s available for anyone who might need a professional solution overall. There are also several additional, optional extras that bump the price up further but which can really increase the overall performance of the system.

#6 GT1 PRO – 549€ – 649$ – now discounted

This is the newest addition to the Sim Lab portfolio, and with a 50€/$ off. The new improved 2023 version of the GT1 finally can be used with higher torque direct drive wheel bases such as the Fanatec DD1. Thanks to new wheel and more rigid wheel and pedal deck you won’t have to worry about flex anymore.

And, there are huge improvements how the cockpit is assembled making it much more easy than before.
As a nice add-on you will get a side mount for shifter, handbrakes and other accessories are included in the price.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Are Sim-Lab cockpits compatible with all wheels and pedals?

Yes, generally you can use them with any wheel and pedals. You can mount them with a wheel-deck or the optional side-mount accessories.
Check out on the Sim-Lab website for more compatibility information

Do you get any flex with the Sim-Lab GT1 Evo and a direct drive wheel?

If you have a direct drive wheel with high torque side mount you might look into a compatible mounting bracket for side mount as the included wheel deck might create some slight flex according to some users.
Personally, with a 8Nm base we don’t experience any flex with the wheel deck.

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