GT Omega’s Best Cockpits, Wheel Stands, and Racing Seats

GT Omega is one of the most well known brand in gaming chairs and pheriperals for Sim Racers. The company, active in Scotland from 2009, has seen quite an interesting growth in the last few years.
Initially, GT Omega was a pioneer of Wheel Stands, to allow you to safely place your sim racing wheel into a stand instead on a table and play from a chair, but more recently the company has expanded aggressively into more advanced sim racing cockpits.

In this article, we tried to recap the most interesting GT Omega rigs, wheel stands and racing seats, and our reviews. Please note, we highly recommend to be sure a rig and seat are fitting your body type (height, weight, leg size, etc) before purchase, to make the most of your sim racing experience. Enjoy!

PRIME Cockpit

Gt Omega Prime sim racing cockpit

The GT Omega Prime Cockpit is a top-tier racing simulator for serious enthusiasts. Crafted with anodized black extruded aluminum, it ensures the perfect blend of strength and functionality. This model features a choice of four highly adjustable wheel decks for precise racing positioning.

The updated V2 Pedal Plate significantly increases the angle and distance adjustment options, providing a sturdier, flex-free racing experience. The shifter mount’s adjustable design allows you to select its position to your liking. The PRIME Cockpit is future-proofed with a wide array of accessories and quick-to-develop modifications, adapting to your evolving sim racing needs.

ART Simulator Cockpit

GT Omega Art Simulator Sim Racing Cockpit

The GT Omega ART Simulator Cockpit is an industry-leading entry-level model. Its design simplicity does not compromise adaptability or stability. The pedal plate’s angle is easily adjustable, enabling you to discover optimal racing comfort.

The height of the wheel deck is easily modifiable, and the cockpit’s length is flexible due to included extender bars. With numerous seat mounting options, you can install your preferred racing seat effortlessly. The ART cockpit also comes with a free gear shifter mount, compatible with both left and right-side mounting.

Titan Cockpit

GT Omega Titan Sim Racing Cockpit

The GT Omega Titan Cockpit is a powerful sim racing platform designed to withstand intense racing sessions. Its 2” diameter steel tube framework, coated in sleek black powder, offers remarkable stability, even with high-performance wheel and pedal sets. The Titan Cockpit stands out for its wide-ranging adjustability and limited flex.

It supports complete adjustments of wheel and pedal plates, accommodating every racer’s comfort. It is also pre-drilled for Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec equipment, making it a perfect choice for PS4, Xbox One, and PC racing.

PRIME Lite Cockpit

GT Omega Prime Lite Sim Racing Cockpit

The GT Omega Prime Lite Cockpit is a simplified yet equally robust racing cockpit solution. Built with durable anodized black extruded aluminum, it maintains the stability and adaptability associated with the Prime line. The wheel deck unique to the Prime Lite ensures quick and tool-free height and angle adjustments.

The cockpit includes a V1 PRIME pedal tray, which allows for easy horizontal and angle adjustments. The shifter mount is adjustable, providing flexibility in positioning. Similar to the Prime Cockpit, the Prime Lite is future-proofed with a host of existing accessories and the potential for quick adaptations to meet the sim racing community’s evolving needs.

Wheel Stands

APEX Steering Wheel Stand

GT Omega Apex Chair Sim Racing Wheel Stand

The APEX Steering Wheel Stand from GT Omega represents a significant advancement in their wheel stand line, combining the beloved features of previous models with several sought-after design enhancements. This model is characterized by a sturdy frame, extensive adjustability, and easy storage capabilities, making it an optimal choice for sim racing enthusiasts with limited space.

The stand is easily foldable, even with peripherals attached, and offers extensive adjustment options to ensure comfort for drivers of all heights and seating preferences. A uniform frame design allows for gear shifters to be mounted on either side. Its Y-frame design, solid wheel deck, and pedal plate make for a stable, flex-free racing experience.

The APEX Stand is a complete sim racing package that includes a free gear shifter mount and an Apex Chair Link. It serves as a robust foundation for your GT Omega Racing ecosystem and can be upgraded to a full racing simulator with the Apex Rear Seat Frame and Apex Accessories.

CLASSIC Steering Wheel Stand

GT Omega Classic Sim Racing Wheel Stand

The GT Omega Classic Steering Wheel Stand is a practical and compact solution for those seeking to establish an ergonomic racing setup without the footprint of a full racing cockpit. The stand’s adaptability caters to several seating arrangements, from office chairs to sofas, and is easily adjustable for maximum comfort. The design steers clear of the issues commonly found with Centre post wheel stands by offering better pedal access and stability. The Classic Wheel Stand is upgradable to a full racing cockpit with the Rear Seat Frame and includes V1 and V2 Gear Shifter mounts. It is pre-drilled for compatibility with all major steering wheels and is easily foldable for quick storage.

Apex Rear Seat Frame – Upgrade from Wheel Stand to Rig

GT Omega Apex Rear Set Frame

The Apex Rear Seat Frame is a superior upgrade option offered by GT Omega to enhance your racing simulation experience. It is meticulously designed to be fully compatible with all GT Omega Racing Seats and supports most aftermarket seats as well. This seat frame can be easily constructed and attached to the Apex wheel stand, enabling users to be ready to race in just a few minutes. So, basically, you can upgrade from a wheel stand to a (basic) sim racing cockpit

This piece of equipment is constructed with heavy-duty steel, ensuring its durability and long-lasting use. It also sports an elegant black powder coating finish, maintaining the high-quality aesthetic that customers have come to expect from GT Omega products.

Essentially, the Apex Rear Seat Frame provides a more immersive and comfortable racing experience, transforming a basic wheel stand setup into a complete, full-fledged racing simulator. This upgrade is ideal for racing enthusiasts who are looking to take their sim racing to the next level.


Racing Seats

GT Omega offers a wide range of sim racing seats to be placed on your cockpit. You can chose the right one based on your height, weight and overall preferences. Here is a detail of the latest products – click here to check directly on GT Omega’s website :

RS12 Simulator Seat

The RS12 Simulator Seat by GT Omega offers an immersive and luxurious driving experience thanks to its adaptable design and high-quality fabric. The seat incorporates a steel frame, cold molded foam cushioning, and soft yet durable upholstery resistant to water, dirt, and oils.

Users can customize their comfort with built-in seat sliders, a reclining function, and an included memory foam lumbar support cushion. It is also available in a Carbon edition. The seat can be mounted to all GT Omega cockpits and the rear seat frame for their wheel stands.

RS6 Simulator Seat

The RS6 Simulator Seat provides a unique and comfortable racing experience with its reinforced PVC material and cold-molded foam interior. Designed to be taller than the RS9 model, the RS6 is ideal for taller individuals, with a shape reminiscent of a traditional bucket seat for superior body contouring. Its seat recliner and sliders offer further customization options for the perfect racing position. The RS6 seat can be fitted onto all GT Omega cockpits and the rear seat frame for their wheel stands.

RS9 Simulator Seat

The RS9 Simulator Seat ensures a top-tier racing experience by pairing comfort with high-quality design. Like the RS6, the RS9 boasts reinforced PVC material and a soft, cold molded foam interior but is built wider for those desiring more space. It provides excellent comfort and ergonomic support, with a built-in recliner and sliders for optimal positioning. The RS9 can be attached to all GT Omega cockpits and the rear seat frame for their wheel stands.

XL RS Simulator Seat

The XL RS Simulator Seat brings a larger design for users needing more space in their racing cockpit. Inspired by the design of GT Omega’s best-selling pro chair, it offers enhanced comfort, more legroom, and superior support. Its notable features include reinforced PVC material, a wide backrest and seat base, and comfortable cold molded foam cushioning, making it an ideal choice for extended racing sessions.

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