The best Next Level Racing cockpits

Next Level Racing, a globally recognised brand, is a beacon in the world of high-performance racing simulation. Established in 2009, the Australia-based company has dedicated itself to providing avid gamers and professional e-sports athletes with a diverse range of meticulously designed and well-crafted racing cockpits and simulation products.

Striving to merge the gap between virtual and reality, Next Level Racing has pushed the boundaries of innovation, creating a line of racing rigs that represent the gold standard in realism, performance, and overall user experience. Each NEXT Level Racing rig is a testament to the company’s attention to detail and commitment to quality, offering an immersive and authentic racing experience that accurately replicates the thrill of actual motorsport racing.

Next Level Racing’s expansive product line caters to all racing fans, from casual gamers to seasoned professionals. NEXT Level racing cockpits encompass a variety of styles and racing formats, from Formula One to GT racing. Furthermore, each product boasts impressive versatility and compatibility, accommodating all major wheels, pedals, and gear shifters available in the market.

The company prides itself on its community-oriented approach, continuously refining its products based on feedback from a global network of customers and professional drivers. This dedication to constant improvement and innovation sets Next Level Racing apart from its competition, resulting in products that are a cut above the rest.

Notably, other players in the industry, like Sim Lab and Trak Racer, also provide a range of competitive products, each with unique strengths. Nevertheless, Next Level Racing stands tall among its competitors. Its commitment to enhancing the simulation experience through state-of-the-art design, superior comfort, and unparalleled realism is echoed in the strong following and high regard it enjoys within the racing community.

A Deep-dive into NEXT Level Racing Rigs / Cockpits

F-GT Elite 160:

The F-GT Elite 160 is Next Level Racing’s premier product, embodying the culmination of expert engineering and innovative design that the brand is known for. It has been crafted to provide the utmost immersive racing simulation experience, making it a favored choice for professional e-sports teams and elite sim racers.

This top-tier cockpit is built on a sturdy and aesthetically appealing aluminum frame, providing a balance of lightweight design and robust stability. Additionally, it offers a high degree of personalization. Its fully adjustable wheel, pedal, and seat positions are designed to fit a wide range of user sizes, offering the flexibility necessary for long and intense racing sessions.

A unique aspect of the F-GT Elite 160 is its range of distinct versions, each offering exclusive features that cater to the specific needs of different users:

  1. F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition: This edition adds a touch of iconic Formula One glamour to the mix. A licensed product of the Scuderia Ferrari, it stands out with a sleek red and black finish that embodies the spirit of the legendary racing team. Moreover, this version features integrated electronics and offers compatibility with all major wheel and pedal brands, making it an excellent choice for Ferrari fans and dedicated sim racers alike.
  2. F-GT Elite 160 Front & Side Mount Edition: This version is tailored for racers who value versatility and broad hardware compatibility. It comes equipped with a front and side mount option that accommodates a wide range of steering wheels from various manufacturers. Its adjustability features are handy for users looking to customize their setup to mirror real-world racing ergonomics.
  3. F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition: This edition caters specifically to gamers looking for a comprehensive, ready-to-go package. Along with the features offered in the standard model, it includes a specially designed wheel plate. This additional component allows users to mount their steering wheels directly to the cockpit, providing a more integrated and stable racing experience.



The GTLite NEXT Level racing cockpits are all about portability. This foldable simulator cockpit doesn’t compromise on the immersive experience, bringing the race right into your living room. Featuring a durable frame, it supports a range of steering wheel and pedal sets. Ideal for racers with limited space, it’s a value-packed choice.

But the GTLite doesn’t stop at its standard offering. In a unique collaboration with one of the gaming industry’s giants, Next Level Racing presents the GTLite PlayStation Edition.

This special edition of the GTLite cockpit is a licensed product of PlayStation, designed to provide PlayStation gamers with a racing rig that perfectly complements their gaming system. The PlayStation Edition features a striking blue and black color scheme that matches the traditional PlayStation colors, lending an air of distinct aesthetic charm. Moreover, this edition ensures maximum compatibility with all PlayStation systems, offering a seamless and integrated gaming experience. Like the standard edition, the GTLite PlayStation Edition remains foldable and easily storable. It makes it a perfect choice for PlayStation gamers in need of a space-efficient setup.


F-GT Lite:


A portable and compact choice, the F-GT Lite is designed for racers on-the-move. It incorporates two racing positions, Formula and GT, which are fully adjustable. Despite its light and foldable structure, it retains the stability required for intense racing sessions.

In addition to the standard F-GT Lite cockpit, Next Level Racing offers a special edition tailored for iRacing fans.

F-GT Lite iRacing Edition: This edition of the F-GT Lite is the result of a collaboration between Next Level Racing and iRacing, a leading motorsport racing simulation platform. Designed to elevate the iRacing experience, the F-GT Lite iRacing Edition features iRacing branding and a sleek black design that resonates with the platform’s aesthetic.

The cockpit retains all the features that make the standard F-GT Lite a great choice, including its adjustable framework, portability, and broad hardware compatibility. However, its unique branding and focus on iRacing sets it apart, making it an appealing choice for sim racers who regularly participate in the iRacing community.


GTElite Cockpit:

Next Level Racing’s GTElite Cockpit GT Edition is a symbol of precision engineering, performance, and brand partnership. The GElite comes in two version, a “standard” one and a special edition made for Ford fans. This exceptional edition, developed in collaboration with Ford, adds a unique flavor to the GTElite lineup, symbolizing the sheer thrill of GT racing.

This model comes painted in the iconic Ford GT blue, emblazoned with the Ford logo, lending it an irresistible charm for Ford enthusiasts and sim racers alike. The design aesthetics of this cockpit pay homage to Ford’s rich history in motorsports, particularly GT racing, thereby bringing the spirit of the racetrack right into your home.

Regardless of the edition, underneath its stunning exterior, the GTELITE Cockpit GT Edition maintains the structural robustness and ergonomic design that Next Level Racing is renowned for. Built around a sturdy aluminum framework, the NEXT Level racing cockpit ensures stability and durability.

The GTELITE GT Edition is designed for a wide range of adjustability, providing a comfortable racing experience to a variety of users. Its adjustable wheel, pedal, and seat positions cater to a multitude of user preferences, promising a personalised, comfortable, and immersive racing experience.

Moreover, the NEXT Level racing cockpit supports a wide array of gaming peripherals, ensuring compatibility with major steering wheels, pedal sets, and gear shifters. This compatibility ensures that users can customise their NEXT Level racing rigs according to their specific racing needs and equipment preferences.

Please note that a seat would need to be purchased separately

F-GT Elite:

Next Level Racing’s F-GT Elite series is a superb blend of design ingenuity and performance. The standard F-GT Elite is crafted from premium aluminum, featuring an adjustable frame that caters to a multitude of user preferences. It provides a balanced, immersive racing experience for both casual and professional sim racers.

The F-GT Elite series extends to several editions. The F-GT Elite Lite Front & Side Mount Edition is a pared-down version but maintains the essentials of an adjustable and compatible racing setup. The F-GT Elite Lite Wheelplate Edition offers a stable platform for mounting various steering wheels, enhancing the immersive racing experience.

The F-GT Elite Front & Side Mount Edition provides a more robust setup with extensive options for steering wheel mounting, while the F-GT Elite Wheel Plate Edition features a specialized wheel plate for a streamlined look and added stability.

Finally, the F-GT Elite iRacing Edition is a collaboration with iRacing, featuring exclusive branding and a unique aesthetic that iRacing enthusiasts will love. It embodies the blend of technology and design that is characteristic of the F-GT Elite series, ensuring a top-notch sim racing experience.



This would be our pick for budget users looking to not spend too much and get enough quality.

The F-GT from Next Level Racing is a highly versatile racing simulator that embodies the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality, immersive experiences. Crafted for the ultimate realism, the F-GT is designed to allow users to alternate between the Formula 1 and GT racing positions, mirroring the seating postures found in real-world racing scenarios.

The F-GT cockpit is meticulously designed, with a fully adjustable framework that lets you personalize the racing setup. It offers a range of adjustable settings, including wheel, pedal, and seat positions, enabling a comfortable and immersive racing experience tailored to individual preferences.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the F-GT ensures stability and durability. Its sturdy steel frame provides the strength required to handle intense racing scenarios, offering longevity and consistent performance.

One of the highlights of the F-GT NEXT Level racing cockpit is its broad compatibility with gaming peripherals. It has been pre-drilled to support all major brands of wheels and pedals, ensuring that users can equip their preferred gaming devices without a hitch.



Next Level Racing’s GTTrack is the epitome of a high-end, fully adjustable racing simulator. Designed with professional use in mind, the GTTrack is a preferred choice of e-sports athletes and is even used by professional racing drivers for training.

The GTTrack NEXT Level racing cockpit’s main highlight is its sturdy, rigid construction. Crafted from high-quality steel with a premium finish, the GTTrack ensures maximum stability even under the pressures of intensive racing. This robust design guarantees that it remains unwavering, regardless of the force feedback from the wheel or the user’s racing intensity.

The cockpit’s framework allows for extensive adjustability, including wheel, pedal, and seat positions. This feature ensures a customizable setup that caters to a broad spectrum of user sizes and preferences, thereby providing a comfortable and immersive racing experience.

One of the key aspects of the GTTrack is its compatibility with a wide range of gaming peripherals. It’s pre-drilled for all major wheel and pedal brands and even includes a shifter holder for added convenience.

Moreover, Next Level Racing offers two versions of the GTTrack: complete and frame-only. The complete version comes with a built-in seat, while the frame-only variant allows users to incorporate their own racing seat, adding another layer of customisation.


Key Differences

To better understand the unique offerings of each product, here’s a simplified table outlining the key differences:

ProductKey FeaturesVariants
F-GT Elite 160High-end, fully adjustableBlack Edition, Aluminium Edition
GTLitePortable, foldableStandard
F-GT LitePortable, 2 racing positionsStandard
GTElite CockpitGT racing positionStandard
F-GT EliteFormula racing positionStandard
F-GTSwitchable racing positionsStandard
GTTrackHigh stability, professional trainingComplete, Frame-only


When it comes to sim racing rigs, it’s important to check that your peripherals can fit and can be mounted.

Generally, pedals are mounted via a pedal plate, that is included or can be purchased, and wheel bases via a mounting plate as well, or a specific side mount solution. If you have a direct drive wheel with high torque (more than 8-10Nm), as for instance the Fanatec DD1 with 20Nm, we recommend to look for a sturdy cockpit with a good wheel base mount to avoid flex.


Navigating the landscape of sim racing cockpits can be a complex task, given the broad array of choices available. However, Next Level Racing sets itself apart with its diverse product range that caters to various user needs, preferences, and budgets.

Whether it’s the premium F-GT Elite series, designed for discerning sim racers, or the more compact and versatile GTLite and F-GT Lite series, perfect for those seeking space-efficient solutions, Next Level Racing has a product for everyone. Even for those desiring a specialized experience, the company provides unique editions such as the F-GT Elite iRacing Edition or the GTLite PlayStation Edition. Each product, regardless of its tier, maintains the company’s high standards of quality, durability, and compatibility.

For users seeking a professional-grade racing simulator, the GTTrack is an impressive offering. Its robust construction and extensive adjustability make it a preferred choice for e-sports athletes and professional racers.

The competitive landscape of racing cockpits includes other commendable companies, such as Sim Lab and Trak Racer. However, Next Level Racing’s unique selling proposition lies in its broad product range, quality offerings, and innovative partnerships for specialized editions, making it a standout choice.

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