Fanatec CSL Universal Hub

Fanatec CSL Universal HUB Review
Fanatec CSL Universal HUB Review

Fanatec CSL Universal HUB Review

Fanatec CSL Universal HUB

New year, new product, The CSL Universal HUB is the new product release in 2021 from the German company, The CSL HUB is an entry-level HUB think to fit with almost any wheel on the Fanatec Ecosystem.

The CSL Universal HUB brings new and exciting features to the game, the most notorious is the clever sliding design allowing it to be used with a wide variety of wheels with easy width adjustment mechanics, new integrated button islands, display, and shifters, if you are a current user of the Clubsport HUB you might know it’s not exactly the prettiest product to look, The CSL it is, Looks really nice at a glance and very robust.

The new honey-pattern on the shifter paddle really stands out, and for much much less money than the Clubsport Version, I think the CSL Hub will be one of the most selling products of the line. In general, we score the HUB with a good price, plenty of new features, and in the range of the very good looking products.

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The Buyer’s Guide and Review

Last modified: October 20 of 2021.

Product Overview

Brand Brand Fanatec Simracing
Model Universal HUB
Product Type HUB
Model Universal HUB
Serie CSL
Pedals Not Included
Editorial Rating 9.5
Ready For PC / PS Ready
Product Page Universal CSL HUB


Universal CSL Hub Unboxing from Fanatec

Brief Design Overview

CSL Universal HUB Design Overview

  • Supports a wide variety of wheel rims
  • Easy width adjustments
  • Attach any rim you want
  • Neat appearance on the button islands, display, and shifters
  • Plenty of inputs
  • Snap-dome shifter paddles
  • Tuning Menu access
  • Tuning with the funkyswitch™
  • Tool-Free Simplified Quick Release


PS5: Yes PS4: Yes PS3: No 

PC: Yes 

Xbox: No  Xbox Series X: No

Wheel Base Compatibilities

This Universal HUB is compatible with all Fanatec Wheel Bases including the CSL, Clubsport, and Podium Series

  1. CSL Elite Wheel Base
  2. CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1
  3. CSL Elite Wheel Base + officially licensed for PlayStation™
  4. ClubSport Wheel Base V2
  5. ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5
  6. Podium Wheel Base DD1
  7. Podium Wheel Base DD2
  8. Podium Racing Wheel F1®
    This product is not compatible with the Podium Button Module Endurance.

Rims Compatibilities

The CSL Universal HUB comes from factory with standard Threaded holes of 3 x 50 mm or 6 x 70 mm, whats means that all current Fanatec wheel rims can be attached to the HUB, but It is also compatible with many wheel rims from brands such as MOMO, Sparco, or OMP.

  • All Fanatec wheel rims
  • Brands like MOMO, Sparco or OMP




  • Many of the advantages of the Clubsport Universal HUB but at a better price
  • Not compatible with Xbox Consoles
  • Paddles reinforced with a honeycomb structure and shaped to fit almost any rim on Fanatec Ecosystem
  • ( slider mechanism ) The width on the paddle positions can be adjusted together with the button island
  • Very good price
  • Nice looking HUB, better than the Clubsport HUB ( My opinion )

What is included?

  • CSL Universal Hub
  • Simplified Quick Release Adapter (preinstalled)
  • 1x 3 mm Hex tool
  • 1x Wrench tool
  • Quick Guide


CSL Unviersal HUB VS Clubsport Universal HUB

CSL Universal HUB

Clubsport Universal HUB

Price: $149.95 $349.95
Platform: PC, PS4 Ready PC, PS4 Ready, XBox One
Weight (approx.): Low weight of 870 g 1020g
Material: Aluminium
Funky switch: 7-way FunkySwitch™ 7-way
Buttons: Eight standard buttons, 2-way rocker switch, Two 2-way toggle switches 12+16
Display: Three-digit LED display 3 digits LED
Quick-release: Tool-Free Quick Release ClubSport
Paddle shifter adjustability: Angle, Detacheable, Distance to rim, Exchangeable, Travel
Detachable button caps: Yes
Dual analog paddle modes: Advanced clutch bite-point mode, Brake/throttle mode, Clutch/handbrake mode, Clutch bite-point mode, Mappable analog axis mode


Clubsport HUB

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the CSL Universal HUB compatible with Xbox?

No, this product is not compatible with your Xbox Console, including the new Xbox Serie X

Is the CSL Universal HUB Better than the Clubsport Version?

We think this product is a user in mind ( upgrade ) for the Clubsport version, is a product that follows new standard designs and new technologies like the Tool-Free Quick release, We think if you are planning use in your PC and Playstation Platforms this HUB is a better option than the Clubsport.

Do Fanatec wheels come with hub?

In most cases the steering wheel on the Fanatec Ecosystem comes with the normal shifter paddle incorporate, but some model comes from factory with a Universal HUB as default, Actually most Clubsport Steering wheels comes with the Clubsport Universal HUB, and most recently the PODIUM series that brings the Podium Hub included. So the answer is yes in most cases but not all products does, that when CSL HUB comes into play.

Is the CSL Universal HUB reliable?

Most Fanatec products in their ecosystem are really high-end simracing equipments, the CSL Universal HUB is not the exception. The new HUB design for “entry-level” users in mind combining many of the advanced features of the ClubSport Universal Hub at a lower price.


Final Analyze

Bolt a multitude of steering wheel rims, with the CSL Universal HUB you can connect wheels of different sizes this is possible thanks to the new slider that allows to increase or decrease its size depending on the wheel, The CSL brings threaded holes for wheel rims with a 3 x 50 mm or 6 x 70 mm pattern whats means that all current and futures Fanatec wheel rims can be attached to this product.

We think the CSL Universal HUB mark with a lower price than the Clubsport is an excellent option for does looking for an adapter that can be used in literally any rim, including third-party wheels like MOMO, Sparco, or OMP.
There is plenty of buttons you can adjust as you like, the new CSL Hub brings a new set of buttons, including a FunkySwitch that can be adjusted in many different ways.

With an entry-level price for a very good product, the Fanatec CSL Hub will become quickly one of the most sell products in the Fanatec ecosystem.

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Fanatec Universal HUB for CSL


Fanatec CSL Universal Hub






Force Feedback







  • Clever sliding design ( innovative slider mechanism)
  • CSL Universal Hub supports a wide variety of wheel rims
  • integrated button islands, display, and shifters
  • Plenty of inputs
  • Tuning Menu access with the FunkySwitch™


  • Not compatible with Xbox