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Logitech PRO Racing Wheel (Review)

logitech PRO Racing Wheel

It looks like Logitech didn’t want to stay behind in the sim racing world, and as we know, Logitech has a big presence in the industry. Most of the beginners start with a Logitech racing wheel due to the price and quality of the product, even they are not the most advanced, they offer good features and design in the entry-level field.

Furthermore, Logitech wanted to have that presence in the Pro field too and surprised every of us with this new PRO Racing Wheel! It was developed with and for Pro sim drivers, introducing the Direct Drive technology to the brand, which make us know that they are serious about what they do and proving they can compete with high-end brands as well.

The TrueForce feedback technology uses sensors to give you a more accurate feel for how your car is responding to your inputs, and sends them directly to your fingertips, so you can feel every inch of the track. It also minimizes latency so that you don’t have to wait for your car’s reaction after you’ve turned the wheel—you get it immediately.

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The Buyer’s Guide and Product Review

Last Modified: September 27th of 2022.

Product Type:Racing Wheel
Model:PRO Racing Wheel
Technology:Direct Drive
Editorial Rating:
Ready for:PC / PS Ready / XBOX Ready
Product Official Page:Logitech PRO Racing Wheel

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Brief Design Overview

Logitech PRO Racing Wheel

  • Direct Drive technology
  • TrueForce Feedback
  • 11 Nm of power
  • Compatible with PC, PlayStation and Xbox
  • Brand-new PRO Wheel design
  • Magnetic shifter paddles
  • Dual clutch paddles
  • Integrated LED settings and LED display


The Logitech PRO Racing Wheel is compatible with PC, Xbox and PlayStation systems, beingable in two versions, the one compatible with Xbox and PC and the one compatible with PlayStation and PC, both versions can be found in the official product site and depending on which one you choose the button layout change to adapt better to each platform.


Direct Drive technology makes this racing wheel stands out from other models of the brandA bit pricey for what it offers
11 Nm of torque are good to feel every bump of shift on the track Still have work to do against competitors
First racing wheel with this technology in Logitech ecosystem
Includes a table clamp

What is included

  • PRO Wheel Rim
  • PRO Wheel Base
  • Table Clamp
  • USB cable
  • Power supply
  • User documentation

Logitech PRO Racing Wheel Competitors

Logitech just entered the Direct Drive game, where there are brands that have years of experience on the market, its main competitor in our opinion is the Fanatec CSL DD Racing Wheel WRC (8Nm), not only by the price but features too.

This doesn’t mean one is better than the other, they both have shared and unique features that you should definitely look for before taking a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I connect a set of pedals to the PRO Racing Wheel?

The PRO Racing Wheel doesn’t include any RJ45 connection and the USB hub connection is proprietary, so you can connect the Logitech PRO Pedals but not any other set of pedals from another brand.

Can I place the PRO Racing Wheel in my desk like other Logitech Racing Wheels?

Of course, you can! But take in consideration that this racing wheel has Direct Drive technology and is heavier than other Logitech models, which means that you need a desk that can resist the weight and force the racing wheel produces.

Does it worth the money?

This is the first Logitech Racing Wheel with Direct Drive technology, but doesn’t mean they are newbies in the field. This Racing Wheel met the expectations and even went further, so we think it totally worth the money, specially if you are beginning in the sim racing world or want an upgrade in your setup.

Our Thoughts

We think that Logitech has done it again in putting out yet another superb gaming product. The Logitech Pro Racing Wheel is a must-buy for all gamers that want to take their racing experience to a whole new level of realism, and a good choice for both new racers looking to get started and seasoned racers looking to make an upgrade.

One thing we truly recommend is to mount this racing wheel in a rig or a very sturdy desk, because of the power racing wheel and the effect of the force feedback, everything in your desk could break or fall off, so it’s better to have it in a safe place.

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