Best Moza Racing Wheel Base

Best Moza Racing Wheel Base

It is probably that you never heard of Moza Racing before, but if you have a bit of experience in the sim racing world, you may know Moza. Now that has gained popularity, and proved their products are trustworthy, it is obvious this company is here to stay.

In a traditional vehicle, the wheelbase relates to the distance between the front and rear wheels of the car; however, when looking at sim racing more specifically, the wheelbase is a specialist component that helps replicate the feel of racing a genuine vehicle.

Moza Racing has been making a name for itself in the sim racing field, and it’s no surprise why, the wheel bases, steering wheels and pedals are all incredibly well-made and functional.

One thing that we like to point to our readers is that Direct Drive bases have a quite strong output (especially the ones with high torque more than 10Nm), so we recommend to be careful when using them as they can lead to injuries. This is particularly true for children.
To help with this the two most powerful bases by Moza Racing, R16 and R21, have a safety feature called “Hands off protection” that will stop wheel oscillation when your hands are off to make sure you can get control back with less risk.
In any case, enjoy Direct Drive but please be careful!

1. Moza Racing R5

Moza Racing R5

Moza R5

This wheel base is special, is the most recent launch on Moza’s catalog, it delivers 5.5 Nm of torque and has great reviews all along the web. Despite the size and little amount of power, the Moza R5 has an airplane-grade aluminum construction, this means the base will last a long time.

The Moza R5 is not only good construction, its motor can deliver very good sensation and response while driving, where you will feel every last bit of force your car exerts on the track. The motor encoder has 15-bit resolution, what makes this base highly accurate even at the most demanding stages.

Check our in-depth review of the Moza R5 Wheel base here

Depending on your situation this could be a pro or a con, but this wheel base can be only acquired by buying the Moza R5 Bundle, that includes the steering wheel, pedals, a table clamp and the wheel base and is a perfect setup to start in the sim racing world. 

Don’t forget to check our review of the Moza R5 to know more details about this wheel base.

FeaturesMoza R5
ConstructionAirplane Grade Aluminum
Wheel ConnectionCustomized Quick Release
Max. Torque5.5 Nm
TechnologyDirect Drive

Moza R5 Competitors

Moza R5 vs. Fanatec CSL DD (5 Nm)

The only direct competitor that this wheel has is the Fanatec CSL DD (5 Nm), that features an automotive-grade aluminum construction, a contactless high-resolution sensor, 5 Nm of torque and multiple connections for accessories. Please note, that while de Moza R5 reach 5.5 Nm of maximum torque, the CSL DD is capable of reaching up to 8 Nm of maximum torque with the Boost Kit 180 that is sold separately. Below is a comparison table between both products.

FeatureMoza R5CSL DD (5 Nm)
TechnologyDirect DriveDirect Drive
Torque5.5 Nm5.0 Nm
Wheel ConnectionMoza Quick ReleaseFanatec Quick Release
Compatible SystemPCXBOX & PC

Where to buy the Moza R5?

2. Moza Racing R9

Moza Racing R9

Moza R9

Sharing the same airplane-grade aluminum constructions as the R5, this Moza wheel base achieves higher torque in a similar compact body. The Moza R9 is compatible with Wireless Technology, that allows the base to transmit data to the steering wheel without cables. 

This Moza R9 is capable to reach a maximum torque of 9 Nm, featuring a quad-core architecture processor that will do the job and will deliver the best response possible at every second. 

Moza R9

Together with the Smart Temperature Control that uses built-in temperature sensors, the unlimited steering angle and the possibility to configure the base through the Moza’s app, this base becomes quickly in a pretty good option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and still have a very decent base that can adapt from F1 style to GT sport and ensures a smooth ride. 

This wheel base is a good option if you already tried the entry-level Direct Drive products and want to step up, or simply want to start heavier than a total newcomer. Without mentioning that comes in black or white colors, so you have a little more personalization for your setup.

Moza R9

FeaturesMoza R9
ConstructionAirplane Grade Aluminum
Wheel ConnectionCustomized Quick Release
Max. Torque9 Nm
TechnologyDirect Drive

Moza R9 Competitors

Moza R9 vs. Fanatec CSL DD (8 Nm)

As well as the Moza R5, the Moza R9 competes faces to faces with the Fanatec CSL DD, this is because the Fanetec wheel base can go up to 8 Nm with the Boost Kit 180, that can be bought together with the base. These wheel bases are very similar between them, and a decisive factor would be the platform compatibility or the ecosystem you personally want to play with.

FeatureMoza R9CSL DD (8 Nm)
TechnologyDirect DriveDirect Drive
Torque9 Nm8.0 Nm
Wheel ConnectionMoza Quick ReleaseFanatec Quick Release
Compatible SystemPCXBOX & PC

Where to buy the Moza R9?

3. Moza Racing R16

Moza Racing R16

The Moza Racing R16 is a great option for those who want to add some serious force feedback to their racing setup. With a limitless turning angle, we really doubt this wheel base won’t fill your racing needs.

It has 16 Nm peak torque, which is more than enough to feel the road and give you an edge over the competition. The body of the product is made entirely of aluminum alloy, which makes it durable and lightweight at the same time. Its 262,144 points of resolution for precise control over your steering wheel, making it easier to maneuver through tight corners and other difficult conditions on the track.

And not only does it come with all these features, but it also has a unique supercar-inspired design, with two color option available Sunset Orange and Cyber Green, that will make a difference between yourself and your opponents—and remind everyone that you are serious about racing!

The R16 has fully wireless communication, which means that you won’t have to worry about any cords getting tangled up or in the way when you’re racing—it’s truly wireless! And it’s superior temperature control ensures that your experience is always going to be smooth, no matter how long or hard you push yourself.

Check our complete and dedicated review about the Moza R16 or buy it on the Moza Racing store

Moza R16

FeaturesMoza R16
ConstructionAll-aluminum alloy body
Wheel ConnectionCustomized Quick Release and Wireless Connection
Max. Torque16 Nm
TechnologyDirect Drive
Resolution262,144 points of resolution


Moza R16 vs. Simagic Alpha

These two products are very similar when it comes to specifications, featuring both Direct Drive technology, 262,144 points of resolution and wireless wheel communication. However, the Simagic Alpha has 1 Nm less power than the Moza R16, and obviously a different design. If the design is not a decisive factor for you, both of the wheel bases will deliver an excellent performance. See the table below.

FeatureMoza R16Simagic Alpha
TechnologyDirect DriveDirect Drive
Torque16 Nm15 Nm
Wheel ConnectionMoza Quick ReleaseSimagic Quick Release
Compatible SystemPCPC

Where to buy the Moza R16?

4. Moza Racing R21

Moza Racing R21

Moza R21

The Moza R21 is a wheel base that pushes the boundaries of what it means to be an immersive gaming experience. And we are not talking just about the power: the Moza R21 has been designed with a unique rotor design to ensure that you have a smooth steering experience.

The R21 comes with a 21 Nm peak of torque and the ability to deliver 262,144 points of resolution. It is also fully wireless and equipped with superior temperature control.

But what really sets this wheel apart is its unique supercar-inspired design, which will make you feel like you’re driving your favorite car on the racetrack.

Moza R21

Whether you’re just getting started in the world of sim racing or you’re an expert looking for a new challenge, the Moza R21 is sure to give you the most realistic force feedback possible—and make every turn, bump, and rock on the road feel like it’s happening right in front of your eyes!

FeaturesMoza R21
ConstructionAll-aluminum alloy body
Wheel ConnectionCustomized Quick Release and Wireless Connection
Max. Torque21 Nm
TechnologyDirect Drive
Resolution262,144 points of resolution


Moza R21

Moza R21 Competitors

Moza R21 vs. Fanatec Podium DD1

With the Moza R21 and Fanatec Podium DD1, you can’t go wrong. Both are wireless devices that offer superior torque and temperature control, but each has its own set of features that makes it stand out from the other. Here’s a breakdown of each device:

The Moza R21 offers a unique design inspired by supercars and sports cars, with an all-metal body made of aluminum alloy. It has 262,144 points of resolution, which means it can accurately mimic the motion of your hand movements in real-time. The R21 also comes with cutting-edge motor design and superior temperature control.

Meanwhile, the Fanatec Podium DD1 is a powerful device with peak torque of 20Nm that also comes with Wireless QR technology and all-Aluminum housing. The DD1 also offers advanced dual clutch bite-point mode and an integrated 2.7” 256×64 resolution OLED display for accurate feedback about your movements.

Both of them will deliver an exceptional racing capabilities and smoothness on the track, so it is up to you, whether you like the most or have the specific feature you are looking for. You can read more about the Fanatec Podium DD1 in our review page.

FeatureMoza R21Fanatec Podium DD1
TechnologyDirect DriveDirect Drive
Torque21 Nm20 Nm
Wheel ConnectionMoza Quick ReleaseFanatec Quick Release
Compatible SystemPCPC & Xbox

Where to buy the Moza R21?

Our Thoughts


What is the Best Moza Racing Wheel Base?

If you are just beginning, and you are looking to build your first MOZA setup, we would recommend the Moza R5, which is the less powerful of the family, but don’t get me wrong, this is enough power. Plus, the R5 comes in a combo with the Moza R5 Bundle, so you will get not only the wheel base, but also a steering wheel and a set of pedals, in addition to a table clamp, which is a whole starter pack.

For those who want to start with a little more power behind the wheel, or maybe upgrade the setup to something more capable, the Moza R9 is the perfect match, the 9 Nm of torque makes a difference and even more details of the road and the car start to come out.

Now talking of the big boys of the brand, both the R16 and the R21 are excellent choices, the main difference is the extra 5 Nm that the R21 produces. But both will do the job very well, counting on wireless communication, superior temperature control, high-precision sensors and an amazing look!

Are Moza Wheel Bases compatible with Xbox or Playstation?

No, all Moza Racing products are intended for PC only. If you are looking for a direct drive for Console, we recommend Fanatec products: Playstation users can opt between the 5Nm and 8Nm Granturismo DD Pro bases while Xbox fans have even access to Podium DD1 and DD2 bases, with much higher torque values up do 25Nm

Can I use Fanatec wheels with Moza Racing bases?

Yes, you will be able to use any Fanatec Steering Wheel by using the Moza Racing quick release adapter and a PCD 70mm adapter to fit the Fanatec wheel to the quick release

Can I plug other brands wheels?

Yes, also by means of the quick release adapter. Please remember to check with your wheel manufacturer how to physically fit it on the quick release – for instance with an adapter

Does Moza Racing offers steering wheels

Yes, they have a wide range of products suited for touring cars, rally, endurance, GT and formulas. Here you can check the full list of Moza Steering wheels



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  1. Coming from a TM 300 RS, which Moza base would you recommend? R9 or R16? Other than power, is there much difference in the detail? I could get an R9 and two wheels or a R16 and one wheel for my budget. Which will be best for longevity and immersion? Btw, I do race from a desk as well.

    • Hello Johnie, compared to a TM300 the main differences will be in torque (TM has no official data but online discussion report it at 4-4.5Nm) and overall realism thanks to the direct drive technology. Some sim racers feel 5.5Nm to be a bit on the low end though, and it’s not that different than what you have already probably, so R9 might be a bit more future proof if you have the budget. In terms of resolution they have the same values. Lastly, the new version of the R9 allows also wireless connection.


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