Moza R12 wheel base just released

Moza Racing just announced a new entry in their product portfolio of direct drive wheel bases: a 12Nm base called R12.

The Moza R12 is filling the last gap between the more powerful wheel bases and the more affordable ones (such as Moza R5 and R9 with 5 and 9Nm respectively).

Other than 12Nm of maximum torque, the R12 features the top tier hardware of the more expensive Moza R21 and R16.

R12 features peak power of 12 Nm and 216W respectively, which are higher than R5 and R9 180W power but lower than R21’s massive 480W power. The R12 and R21 use aviation-grade aluminum alloy for housing material, while the lower end ones only use standard aluminum. From the info we have at the moment, It’s not clear yet if the Moza R21 will get the 18 bit encoder or the 15 bit one.

All the models are similar in terms of accessory offerings, USB refresh rate, and connection ports but may differ slightly in their specific configurations.

At first sight, it seems the Moza R12 can be a great solution for those not satisfied with lower torque wheel bases but that won’t need much more than 12Nm. With 12Nm you should be able to simulate most of the cars with power steering and have some strength left for additional effects.



Moza R12











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