Moza R5 Wheel Base

Looking for a cheap but good performing wheel base for under 350$/€*? Are you either upgrading from a chain-based wheel base or want to make a proper entry into Sim racing by securing an up to date tech such as Direct Drive, but also want to spend as less as possible?
Keep on reading, the Moza R5 wheel base might be your answer!

Developed By Moza Racing, a subsidiary of the Chinese company Gudsen MOZA, previously best known for its camera stabilisers, this new 5.5Nm direct drive wheel base has been released in August 2022 and took the market by storm.

Main Features

  • Maximum torque of 5.5Nm (slightly above the 5Nm offered by the basic model of Fanatec CSL DD)
  • Lightweight aluminium design, only 3.45Kg (7.6 lbs)
  • Support for all Moza v2 racing wheels
  • Unlimited turning angle (good for drifters)
  • 15 bit resolution
  • Moza native software for setup called Moza Pit House
  • Settings fully editable by the Moza app on your phone
  • Table clamp is not included and should be purchased separately
  • FFB effect equaliser

You have the option to connect your dash directly to the wheel, and also racing pedals – if they are compatible, otherwise if you’ll buy another brand such as the Fanatec V3 you’ll have to plug them directly into the computer via Usb

The native software allows you to manage all the Moza devices that are connected to your computer, and easily edit the setup to your likes. You will be able to change the angle of the wheel, force feedback, game settings and more. 
If you are a beginner or don’t like to spend too much time with details and want to go straight to action, you will have the option of using the pre-set basic settings.

Using a quick release system is also supported.
If you want to use it on a table, you’ll have to purchase the table clamp and install 4 screws at the bottom of the base (see picture below for more info)

Moza Racing r5+r9 Tablemount

All in all, it’s a great base if you are a beginner or don’t want too spend too much and get a Direct Drive base. Its main competitor is clearly the Fanatec CSL DD, that has the main advantage of being upgradable to 8Nm with the Boost Kit.
This basically allows you to buy the 5Nm version and leave a potential upgrade for later.

Moza R5 Bundle

A great option, especially for beginners, is to buy the R5 as a bundle. With this, you will get a full set of products that will make you race ready, for a really interesting price:

  • SR-P lite Pedals: the basic ones, without clutch and Loadcell, but still a decent product for beginners
  • ES steering wheel: also the entry level version, 12’inches wheel with 22 buttons, leather design and including the Moza quick release

Pedals are fully customisable in terms of height and width via screw holes. You will also clearly be able to add a clutch pedals by buying it separately

Direct Drive Technology under $500Only compatible with PC
Lightweight DesignLong shipping time if bought directly
Aviation-grade AluminumNo VAT/sales tax if bought directly
Ultra Low Torque Ripple and Groove Torque 
Intelligent Temperature Control 
Industrial Conductive Slip Rin


Final thoughts

The Moza R5 Wheel base, especially if bought together with the bundle, is clearly one of the most interesting offers available to sim racers. Price? 519$/579€*
When would we buy it? We think it’s worth for beginners that want to skip cheaper solutions such as the Logitech G29 and go already in the Direct Drive world, but don’t want to overdo.

It is a good competitor of the Fanatec CSL DD, which comes at similar prices, and even cheaper if you buy the CSL DD Bundle at 499$/€ (VAT and taxes included). The choice is up to up, Fanatec has the advantage of the history of its brand and customer service, but we can clearly also see the good quality of Moza. When we tried to contact them for help, they were also super fast and available.

The only downside is that scarce availability and longer shipping times make it currently less easy to purchase directly from the manufacturer or Amazon as for Thrustmaster or Fanatec products. This is changing though as Moza has added EU and US warehouses and more product will be available from it soon.
In any case, it’s clear MOZA DD R5 is one of the cheapest direct drive on the market right now and the future looks promising for the Chinese company.

*Prices are VAT excluded

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy Moza Racing products?

You can buy them via or via local distributors

Why are shipping costs so high?

Most of the products are shipped for china, hence the high costs: Moza Racing has been setting up domestic shipping for some EU and US locations for the top products (R5 included). This is massively cutting costs, and according to Moza you will also not pay any additional tax on the import

Aren’t 5.5Nm too little?

Possibly: it depends which car you’ll drive, which games you will play and how much you like to feel strong forces while turning.
We suggest you to check other higher torque options if you can afford the budget and are a mid-advanced sim racer, as this will probably suit you better

Is the Moza R5 compatible with console?

No, it won’t work with PlayStation or Xbox, just with PC

What about import taxes and VAT?

If you choose EU or US domestic shipping (when available), you will only be charged a minimal shipping fee, and there will be no import tax or other taxes to pay
However, if you choose international shipping, US buyers will NOT have to pay any VAT taxes or import taxes, while EU buyers will need to pay a 20% import tax, but no VAT tax or other taxes

Is the Fanatec CSL Dead?

Nothing further from the truth, Fanatec products are extremely well designed with exceptionally crisp and dynamic force feedback just like the DD R5.



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