Fanatec Ready to Race CSL DD Bundle

CSL ready to race bundle

Taking your first step into the world of sim racing just got a lot more exciting thanks to the new amazing discounts by Fanatec on their “Ready to Race” bundles.
From the name, you can already understand that these bundles include a wheel base, a steering wheels and pedals, making you ready to play immediately saving the hassle of buying components individually.

Ready to Race CSL Ready To Race Bundle (5Nm) and CSL DD Ready to Race Bmw BUNDLE (5 NM). Presently on discount at an unparalleled price of Eur/$ 399.95, these are among the most affordable direct drive bundles in the market.

Fanatec, a name synonymous with exceptional design, cutting-edge technology, and a long-standing reputation for excellence in the sim racing world, has made the entry into immersive racing simulations more accessible than ever.


CSL Ready to Race Bundle 5NmCSL Ready to Race Bundle Bmw version 5Nm
CSL Ready to Race Bundle 8NmCSL Ready to Race Bundle Bmw version 8Nm

Both the CSL DD Bundle and the BMW themed bundle are equipped with the acclaimed CSL DD wheelbase that’s known for its impressive performance, owing to the custom motor developed in-house, and 5Nm of torque. This base ensures the force feedback you receive is remarkably precise, allowing you to experience nuances of racing like never before.

Each bundle includes the Fanatec CSL Pedals, known for their minimalist yet sturdy metal design. These pedals provide a balance of design and function, offering remarkable stability and comfort throughout your racing sessions.

The steering wheel for the ready to race bundle is the P1, the classic standard Fanatec rounded wheel with a 3 digits led for telemetry or speed. If you opt for the Bmw version you will get the CSL Steering Wheel BMW, which is basically a replica of the P1 with BMW themed design.

What makes these bundles particularly attractive for both newcomers and experienced sim racers is the scope for upgrades.
You can opt directly for the 8Nm version, which offers more torque (highly recommended if you can afford 100$/€ more) or you can amp up your wheelbase to 8Nm with the Boost Kit or add a Load Cell at a later stage.

Fanatec CSL DD bundles not only offer an accessible entry point into the sim racing world but also allow room for expansion and growth, making them a worthwhile investment for the future.

In case you decide to opt for any of the two bundles and can afford a small additional investment, we advise you to also purchase the Load Cell kit for pedals as this would make a big impact to your gaming experience


In terms of compatibility, all race ready bundles work with PC. The wheel bases are compatible with Xbox when you use a Xbox supported wheel: the ones included in this bundle unfortunately are not so you will need to make an extra purchase, for instance the CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2 – in this case, there is even a bundle for it, the Csl DD Mclaren Starter Kit
PlayStation is not supported.

If you are looking for a wheel base or a bundle for Playstation, you can check out our review of the Gran Turismo DD Pro products by Fanatec, which are very similar in terms of specs to the Race Ready bundles with the addition of Playstation support.


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