CSL Elite Racing Wheel WRC PS4

CSL Elite Racing Wheel WRC PS4
CSL Elite Racing Wheel WRC PS4

Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel WRC PS4 Review

CSL Racing Wheel WRC PS4

WRC 9 has just been released as well the new WRC officially licensed wheel from Fanatec, launched on 3rd Sept in line with the new game, so far there is not officially support for this game but fur sure it will be in the next months to come, you can preorder this product in the Fanatec website for 599$ not that bad price for what you get, as far as I know, this wheel is the only wheel officially licensed by the World Rally Championship (WRC) and is ready to be used exclusively in official WRC Esports competitions.

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The Buyer’s Guide and Review

Last modified: January 14 of 2021.

Product Overview

Product Type Racing Wheel
Model WRC
Serie CSL Elite
Pedals Not Included
Editorial Rating 9.1
Ready For PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Serie
Product Page CSL Elite WRC


Brief Design Overview

  • CSL Elite Wheel Base +. Officially licensed for PS4™
  • The most advanced ecosystem.
  • Interchangeable steering wheels.
  • Analogue handbrake support.


PS5: Yes PS4: Yes PS3: NO 

PC: Yes 

Xbox: Yes  Xbox Series X: Yes 

Compatibility Notes: The CSL Elite Racing Wheel WRC PS4 is compatible with Xbox One® and Xbox Series X|S out-of-box.  PlayStation® systems: All PlayStation®4 and PlayStation® Pro systems. and of course with the new PlayStation 5.

Other Peripherals Compatibilities

  1. Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake (direct connection to wheel base)
  2. All Fanatec ClubSport and CSL steering wheels
  3. All Fanatec Clubsport and CSL Pedals
  4. All Fanatec CSL and ClubSport shifters (two shifters simultaneously)
  5. Fanatec ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles

Game Compatibility

PS4™ racing games

Perfect for:

  • WRC 5
  • WRC 6
  • WRC 7

Full list

  • Assetto Corsa
  • Project Cars 2
  • Gran Turismo® Sport
  • F1 2017
  • NASCAR Heat 2
  • Dirt 4
  • Need for Speed – Payback
  • DriveClub
  • Dirt Rally
  • F1 2015
  • F1 2016
  • The Crew
  • Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo
  • Project Cars

Note: All upcoming racing games on PS4™ All major on racing games on PC




  • Very good compatibility with all major consoles and PC.
  • For die-hard Rally racers only.
  • Officially licensed by the World Rally Championship (WRC)
  • More expensive than the Xbox WRC
  • NEW proven automotive grade quick release system
  • Analogue handbrake support
  • NEW CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC

Full Feature List

CSL Elite Wheel Base +

This base is a well know base on the Fanatec Ecosystem, is one of the oldest products in the available series, but don’t get me wrong not for anything is one of the best buy products ever, this base is a nice combination of good quality with a mid-range price, perfect for delivering an Ultra-strong brushless servo motor up to 6Nm of torque, not the strongest at the market, but suddenly enough for must of us. What worth mention is the rotation, very important for this type of racing style, with this you can rich at 1080° which can be adjusted in the Tuning Menu of the attached steering wheel.

The full list of features:

  • Ultra-strong brushless servo motor which delivers up to 6Nm of torque on the steering axis
  • Single belt drive unit with ultra-low lag and cogging, and big ball bearings for lowest friction
  • DirectSensor™ on the steering axis to prevent influence of the belt drive on the position sensor​
  • Very fast steering wheel acceleration
  • 1080° of rotation which can be adjusted in the Tuning Menu of the attached steering wheel
  • Integrated rev light bar in the wheel base
  • Table clamp included. Thickness range of the table board/desktop that the table clamp is able to lock to is 1 to 6 cm
  • Firmware and motor can be updated with new features
  • Fast 1000 Hz USB update rate that Allows connection of two external shifters (e.g. H-pattern and sequential) in parallel
  • Mount for ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles and other optional accessories
  • Connection ports for peripheral devices: USB, Power, Pedals, Shifter 1, Shifter 2, Handbrake
  • Quick Release system to allow for the easy exchange of steering wheels within seconds, also during gameplay
  • Supports Fanatec steering wheel and pedal vibration features
  • Supports Fanatec Tuning Menu

CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC

One of the newest steering wheel on the market, this product is Officially licensed by the World Rally Championship (WRC) and was created for being the official WRC Esports competition wheel. And as you guess at this point is Perfect for rally racing. We have a full review of this wheel here, but what worth mention right out the bat is the Realistic size of (300 mm diameter) very important for this kind of racing style and the Integrated RevStripe™ perfect for featuring telemetry data speed or gears.

The full list of features:

  • Perfect for rally racing and officially licensed by WRC
  • A connected Fanatec wheel base will become compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S
  • Plug & Play: Ready to use right away without any assembly required
  • Realistic size (300 mm diameter)
  • New tool-free Simplified Quick Release Adapter design:
  • Improved ease of use (no clamping bolt required) and durability
  • Exchangeable, supports ClubSport Quick Release Adapter*
  • Avoids any play in the QR system
  • Very low steering wheel weight of only 1092 g (with Simplified QRA) for fast acceleration and fidelity (1280 g with ClubSport QRA).
  • Integrated RevStripe™, which is a combined centre stripe and a ‘Rev’ meter, using a multi-colour LED
  • Three-digit LED display smoothly integrated into the wheel rim below the RevStripe™, featuring telemetry data speed or gears to be displayed by compatible games or third-party software
  • Wheel rim covered with genuine Alcantara® and an eye-catching orange cross-stitched seam
  • Orange shifter paddles:
  • Durable metal construction
  • Well-defined, Snapdome™-activated “click” feeling
  • Removable paddles for using wheel in combination with ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles
  • Brushed aluminium spokes with fibre-reinforced back cover
  • Xbox One button layout, interchangeable with the included Racing Style buttons
  • 4-way direction pad with push button
  • Tuning functions with LED display to adjust settings independent from the game and during gameplay (see description of compatible wheel base/racing wheel for details)

What is included?

  • CSL Elite Wheel Base +
  • CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC
  • Table clamp and Table clamp screw with handle
  • Power supply unit (cable length: power supply to wheel base 1,5 m/6 ft)​​
  • Power cord (regional) (cable length: socket to power supply 1,5 m/6 ft.)
  • USB connection cable (2 m/6 ft.)
  • O-Ring (spare for Quick Release shaft)
  • PS4™ button caps for ClubSport steering wheels
  • Removable Simplified Quick Release Adapter (preinstalled)
  • Racing Style button caps
  • Quick Guides


CSL Elite Racing Wheel WRC PS4 vs CSL Elite Racing Wheel WRC for Xbox One & PC


WRC for Xbox One & PC

Price $599.90 $549.90
Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One PC, XBox One
Diameter: Realistic size (300 mm diameter) Realistic size (300 mm diameter)
Rev lights: Integrated RevStripe™ Integrated RevStripe™
Base: CSL Elite Wheel Base + CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1
Quick-release: quick release system quick release system
Paddle shifter adjustability: detachable paddles detachable paddles
Joystick/ Vibration Motor
Grip material: genuine Alcantara® genuine Alcantara®


WRC Xbox One


  • What is the main difference between the Xbox One version?

The main difference is in the wheelbase, The PS4 comes with the CSL Elite Wheel Base + and the Xbox One version comes with the CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1.

  • FAQ Number #2

Answer number 2

Final Analyze

The CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC features a Rally-inspired design and creates with a purpose in mind being the officially licensed racing wheel for Rally competition. IF you think twice this is a high goal for a middle-range wheel but we will see, for what concerns right now I think will be a nice addition for your simracing experience.

CSL Elite Racing Wheel WRC PS4


Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel WRC PS4






Force Feedback







  • Officially licensed by the World Rally Championship (WRC)
  • NEW proven automotive grade quick release system
  • NEW CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC
  • Analogue handbrake support
  • Very good compatibility


  • The Xbox Version is cheapest