MOZA R5 Direct Drive Wheel Base

R5 Direct Drive Wheel Base Review

Moza Racing is doing really well with their products, and this time is not the exception, The R5 Direct Drive Wheel Base is one of the best DD products under $600, looks fantastic and to be honest exceptionally well designed, no dought a solid option for entering to the Direct Drive world the right way.

The R5 feature a Lightweight wheelbase that delivers 5.5 N.m in torque ask peak, A strong and smooth power provided by an Ultra-high Density Servo Motor, and a robust design, all packed in Aviation-grade Aluminum with a sleek look.

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The Buyer’s Guide and Product Review

Last Modified: September 01 of 2022

BrandMoza Racing
Product Type:Wheel Base
Technology (Drive Form):Direct Drive
Peak Torque:5.5 N·m
Editorial Rating:7 of 10 this time
Ready for:PC
Product Official Page:R5 DD Wheel Base
Product Overview

R5 DD Videos

Brief Design Overview

MOZA DD R5 | Racing
  • 5.5 N·m Peak Torque
  • Aeroplane Grade Aluminum
  • Ultra-high Power Density Servo Motor
  • Lightweight Design
  • Intelligent Temperature Control
  • 15-bit Resolution
  • Industrial Conductive Slip Ring
  • Included MOZA Pit House
  • Maximum Turning Angle with Infinite Rotation


The R5 DD Wheel Base is compatible with your Personal Computer ( PC )


Direct Drive Technology under $600Only compatible with PC
Lightweight DesignSold just as a bundle product
Aviation-grade Aluminum
Ultra Low Torque Ripple and Groove Torque
Intelligent Temperature Control
Industrial Conductive Slip Ring

What is included

  • This product is sold as a bundle with other MOZA Racing products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Fanatec CSL Dead?

Nothing further from the truth, Fanatec products are extremely well designed with exceptionally crisp and dynamic force feedback just like the DD R5.

Our Thoughts

Affordable Product with High-quality construction, strong, and smooth force feedback, very quiet and with a very look and feel, it definitely a solid option if you want to buy your first Direct Drive system, the only downside is that this product is sold just by a bundle with other products, you can’t buy this as a stand-alone product, But if you compare with similar products like the CSL DD wheelbase, ( Not available), the MOZA DD R5 is one of the cheapest direct drive on the market right now.

Where to buy MOZA DD R5

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