Best Sim Racing Pedals Under $500

Pedals are an important part of your overall sim racing experience, they are designed with a real race car in mind. Most sim racers out there agree that pedals can make you faster.

Especially important is a good Load Cell Brake with a real-world feel, they add more realism than any other sim racing product, They are built to measure how hard someone steps on the pedal, rather than how far back it is pushed, exactly the same thing as in a real car.

When it comes to choosing the best sim racing pedals under $500 we have many models on the market with different technologies, depending on the manufacturer, these can bring certain features to help you improve the driving experience and level of realism some better than others.

If you have already a racing wheel and you are looking to add or complete your setup with a nice pair of pedals then you are in the right place, we cover all you need to buy your first pedals for under 500$, actually, you don’t need to spend a ton of money, high-quality brands like Fanatec offer some interesting options under that price

Sim racing Pedals Buyer’s Guide

1. Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals

CSL Elite Pedals

These Fanatec pedals are the entry-level of the brand, but it doesn’t mean they are going to disappoint you or won’t have a good response on the track, Actually, we select these pedals to be on the list because even though they are between the entry and mid-level range, they still offer the same technology as pedals three times their price.

The whole CSL Elite Pedals are made in high-quality full-metal construction, from the base to the pedal itself, being very resistant when it comes to applying force in the curves. The pedal face has detachable rubber pads, this allows you to choose between grip or slick surface to adapt the pedals to your driving style.

But what happens inside? Well, the inside is interesting, we found the same technologies as inmate expensive pedals, the 12-bit resolution potentiometer sensors are present in both throttle and brake pedals, which improve the response and precision of these. 

Furthermore, the brake pedal has a metal spring and PU foam damper that simulates the braking pressure and realism of racing cars. These set used to be upgradable with a Load Cell Kit, this kit added a third pedal as a brake with a durable load cell that supports up to 90 kg of pressure and the actual brake worked as a clutch with a limiter pad. Sadly for us, this Kit is discontinued now.

The CSL Elite Pedals are a good option for those who are beginning and don’t want to spend that much, they will work and may be the first pedals of your setup. They are compatible with PC, PlayStation and Xbox systems. 

To know more details about these little but powerful pedals you can visit the Fanatec site, they are available for a decent price of $99.95, being hard to find a better option for the price. 


  • 12bit resolution potentiometers
  • Brake pedal with metal spring and PU foam damper
  • Extra long pedals for more realism and comfort
  • Detachable rubber pedal covers
Plug and play in Fanatec productPedal face not adjustable
Competitive priceSimple pedals
Quality construction materials

Where to buy the CSL Elite Pedals?

2. Thrustmaster T3PM Pedals


Climbing a step in the market, we will find models like the T3PM with a more complete option at a low budget, regardless its price, this set of pedals are capable and one of the most recommended pedal set to start in the sim racing world. 

The T3PM features a full metal pedal face in solid construction. Equipped with the exclusive H.E.A.R.T magnetic technology, that provides players with excellent precision and time response when they are racing. Additionally, the pedal brake has four different pressure presets, which are all customizable. 

The T3PM comes with 12-bit resolution technology, ensuring smooth and precise control on every platform the setups are used in. The brake pedal reaches up to 200 kg of pressure resistance and two options of springs are included, the metal brake springs and the elastometer brake spring, so you can choose the one that fits the most to the driving style. Thrustmaster claims that the T3PM are 20% more stable than their predecessor, the T3PA. 

Thrustmaster wants you to feel free using this pedal set, so it has the possibility to be mounted on a cockpit, use it with a racing seat, a desk or a simple table. The pedals are also angled adjustable, allowing a good comfort and positioning at the moment of the race.

The T3PM are compatible with PC, PlayStation and Xbox systems but always through Thrustmaster bases connection, being suitable with all Thrustmaster wheel bases. It can be found from 129.99 in the official site, where you can read more about them. 


  • 12bit resolution potentiometers
  • 4 pressure modes
  • Up to 200 kg of pressure
  • Metal pedal faces
Good price for the featuresOnly compatible with Thrustmaster bases
H.E.A.R.T technology 
Good quality construction

Where to buy the T3PM?

3. Moza SR-P Pedals

SR-P Pedals

When we take a look at Moza Racing, we found this very interesting set of pedals that includes throttle, brake and clutch. These features a high-strength steel construction which ensures superior quality and endurance every moment of the driving session. 

The organ-type design of the throttle pedal is made with one thing in mind, allow the driver’s foot and the pedal to follow the same trajectory to make the control easier and more accurate, so you will feel a more natural foot travel than other pedals. The 16-bit high precision magnetic encoder with 65536 PPR resolution makes the three pedals more stable and precise than a Hall sensor.

The brake pedal on the SR-P Pedals uses a dual sensor fusion algorithm that, combining the angle sensor and the pressure sensor, results in more controlled and fine braking. As well as the sensors, the brake combines a braking spring and a damping block to give a better and real feel of braking, reaching a maximum range of 75 kg of pressure applied, so the user can control the amount of pressure applied on the braking pedal.

The base of the pedals has an anti-slip mat at the bottom that prevents from slipping while being used on the floor, the pedals can be detached and mounted on other professional brackets with ease, while the pedals present spacing and surface height adjustment to give you total comfort in the position you are driving.

The Moza SR-P pedals are compatible only with PC systems via USB connection and can be calibrated through the Moza Pit House Software. Starting at $218.90 for the option with the three pedals configuration, you can also buy the two-pedal set that includes throttle and brake from $179.00 or acquire only the clutch if you already have this for just $39.90, find more details on the official Moza Racing site.


  • 16-bit resolution potentiometers
  • Direct PC connection 
  • Up to 75 kg of pressure
  • High-strength steel construction
Load-cell is fantasticNot compatible with consoles
Plug and play No direct link from pedals to wheel base
Easy mounting Clutch is exactly same as throttle 

Where to buy the SR-P Pedals?

4. Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals


These Thrustmaster pedals are a step up from the T3PM, from technologies to construction materials, the T-LCM pedals are a good choice to start with, ensuring good quality and durability but without breaking your bank Account. As we can see, this set of three pedals features a robust and compact design, which means that they will fit in most setups. 

“Reliable, accurate, and precise”, that’s how sim racers describe these pedals. The heart of the system is that, the H.E.A.R.T technology, which ensures an unlimited lifespan and optimal accuracy with its 16-bit resolution sensors, which represent 65,536 values per pedal. 

The brake pedal counts on a load-cell sensor that goes up to 100 kg of pressure, allowing you to control the braking power according to the force applied. Furthermore, the pedal set includes 6 springs with different adjustments to customize the feel of the brake pedal as you like. 

In the base, we found 100% metal-made pedal arms and pedal heads, so the feeling and quality the pedals deliver won’t make you doubt when you need to apply some force on them. The 3 pedals are completely adjustable, from the height and inclination to the spacing, to find the more comfortable position for you.

The Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals are compatible with Xbox, PC, and PlayStation systems, so they are compatible with most of the simulators on the market. They are available for $229.99 on the official Thrustmaster site, where you can read more about them and their compatibilities. 


  • 16-bit resolution potentiometers
  • Sturdy construction
  • Up to 100 kg of pressure
  • Flexible position adjustments 
Rugged all-metal constructionCannot invert the pedals
Highly responsive magnetic sensors
Lots of customization options

Where to buy the T-LCM pedals?

5. Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3

Best Sim Racing Pedals Under $500
ClubSport Pedals V3

Fanatec is a referent in the sim racing world, and as a reference it has products that are just a shot, the ClubSport Pedals V3 is one of these. Starting from the design that is simply awesome, the pedals invite you to test them to the limit. 

Inside the pedals we can find eye-catching features, like the 90 kg adjustable load cell that is more precise and durable than the previous generation, or the magnetic contactless hall sensors on the gas clutch pedals that have 4 times the resolution of their predecessors the V2. 

The stiffness on the brake pedal and the travel can be adjusted with the hands thanks to the new design, but not only the brake pedal, all the pedals can be adjusted in countless ways due to the maximum adjustability they feature, making them very ergonomic and adaptive to your favorite racing styles. 

The pedal plates present a new D-shape which improves the grip of the foot, while the pedals are completely built-in CNC-machined aluminum, giving security and firmness to the user. The technology of 12-bit resolution on all axises will allow you to control the car like a professional racer and the vibration motor in the brake pedal will simulate the ABS system and indicate locking tires, while the vibration motor on the throttle pedal indicates rear wheel spin and oversteer. 

The ClubSport Pedals V3 certainly are good pedals and in our opinion definitely worth the money, you can find them for $399.95 on the Fanatec official website. They are compatible with PC, Xbox, and PlayStation systems.


  • 12-bit resolution 
  • Full aluminum construction
  • Up to 90 kg of pressure
  • Multiple position adjustments
High level of precision and consistencyPedal is very stiff you will need a nice cockpit
The load cell allows you to modulate brake input via pressureProblems with the firmware update, you can literally break your product
Easily adjustable tensioner on the load cell brake pedalRight configuration can be tricky

Where to buy the ClubSport Pedals V3?


Moza CRP Pedals

CRP Pedals

If you get here is because you are really looking for a good set of pedals without breaking your bank, so we bring this option that might be more expensive than the last one, but it is definitely an option to keep in mind, and it stays at the limit of the $500.

The CRP Pedals are the most advanced option from Moza Racing to date, featuring a CNC aluminum construction, full adjustable angles, and last but not least a 3-stage clutch that will help not only on the sensation when you shift but on launches and control of the car itself.

Inspired by modern supercars, the pedal set comes in black and gold colors, looking amazing in all the setups. The technologies inside the pedals make them not only good-looking, they are also very functional, with a Load Cell pressure sensor that will consistently measure the braking force to offer the best response possible and fully adjustable pedal positions to get the best comfort. 

The floor-mounted organ throttle design is thought-out to keep the same trajectory on the feet and the throttle pedal, so the acceleration process will be always optimal and comfortable. The 3-stage clutch will first provide low resistance, with a sharp increase in the second stage and a clear resistance drop-off in the third one, this process ensures an advantage to get the best possible launch.  

The Moza CRP Pedals are available for $499.00, read more details on the official Moza Website. The CRP Pedals are compatible with other brand products thanks to the USB connection. These may not be the most famous, but they will impress you for sure if you buy them. 


  • Full aluminum construction
  • Up to 100 kg of pressure
  • Multiple position adjustments
  • 3-stage clutch
The 3-stage clutch opens new possibilitiesThey can be hard to find
Adjustable knobs allow customizing the pedal travelThe price is a little higher 
Works with other brand products 

Where to buy the Moza CRP Pedals?

So what is the best Sim Racing pedal under 500

Our top-rated sim racing pedals under $500 are the Fanatec Clubsport V3, these pedals are packed with a custom-made load cell with a realistic and strong pressure, Countless ways to adjust the pedal plate angle and any position that better match your racing style and preferences.

A strong competition on this list are the new kid on the block, the Moza SR-P Pedals which are made with high materials and full of functionalities like Adjustable pedal spacing and a High precision pressure sensor for up to 75KG

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