The new Sim-Lab XP1 Pedal Set: Unleashing Power & Precision:


Sim-Lab, a well-known name in the sim racing community for their high-quality hardware, just annouced its grand entrance into the pedal set market with their Sim-Lab XP1 200KG Loadcell Pedal Set. As the first pedal set from the company, the XP1 has an impressive array of features that makes it a great candidate for purchase in a highly competitive field.

This product, made with the well know meticulously of the Dutch manufacturer, features and extensive adjustability and sets a new standard for the dedicated sim racing enthusiast seeking a high-quality, immersive experience without breaking the bank.

The first thing you notice about the XP1 is the robust full-metal construction. The pedals not only looks like a serious piece of machinery, but the level of craftsmanship involved ensures that they will hold up under the demands of even the most rigorous and intense racing sessions.

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The XP1’s crowning achievement, however, lies in its ultra-precise brake-pedal input. At the core of this set is the highly sensitive 200KG load cell which offers a 16-bit analog input. This, coupled with its innovative in-line placement, puts the XP1 at the top of the range of sim racing pedals with more professional and expensive products as Heusinkveld.

Another really interesting feature we see is probably the pedal set’s adjustability. The XP1 allows you maximum customisation in terms of how to place your pedals to replicate the feeling of a formula car or any other setup you feel comfortable with. The combination of adjustable pre-load spring and dampers allows you to customise pedal feel with an impressive range from super soft to hard. The pedal’s mounting flexibility and angle adjustability also ensure that they fit seamlessly into any racing rig setup – please note you will have to place them on a pedal plate, made by Sim Lab or any other company.

One interesting highlight is the swappable pedal face, which brings an additional layer of customisation. Add in the easy-to-swap elastomers and springs, along with adjustable stiffness and initial first stage compression, and you have a pedal set that is tailor-made for the sim racing enthusiast who wants control over every aspect of their driving experience.

The pedal set isn’t all about the brake, though. The throttle and clutch pedals are equally impressive in terms of features offering smooth, consistent operation thanks to real ball-bearings in the pedal arm. The blue color coding visually illustrates the adjustability and adds a vibrant aesthetic touch to your rig setup.

Finally, the pedal set’s value shines through in its price-to-quality ratio. You will be able to purchase 2 pedals (no clutch) for €499,00 (launch discount of 50€ from the regular price of €549,00), or with all 3 pedals for 649€ (also 50€ discount). You can also purchase the clutch separately for 199€

Overall, at first sight, the Sim-Lab XP1 Pedal Set seems definitely a solid peripheral. With its advanced features and the backing of a 5 stars brand as Sim Lab, it offers an exceptional balance between high-end quality and reasonable pricing.


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