Trak racer is teasing new sim racing pedals

We all know Trak Racer, the Australian company best known for its cockpits and sim racing rigs. What started with wheel stands many years ago, became one of the market leader in the sim racing industry, with warehouses in all continents and a wide range of products.
And, a partnership with Alpine F1 brought a high-range product such as The Alpine Racing TRX cockpit.

We just saw a hint of something coming on social media: Trak Racer seems to be teasing the expansion into new sim racing hardware. In the video, you could see some pedals and (possibly) a handbrake.

The products are expected for next fall: we cannot wait? Is it going to be a classic loadcell based pedal set, or is Trak Racer going to bring any other mayor innovation? Maybe active pedals? What about prices?

The wait is on! 

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