Sim-Lab Push-Pull Rally Shifter

Are you a sim racing Rally fan? This product will make you happy! As we saw with the recently launched XB1 Handbrake, Sim-Lab has now jumped into creating hardware, and recently released an interesting accessory if you like to play rally games.

The SimLab Push-Pull Rally Shifter allows you to replicate the way of shifting gears by really drivers: the paddle behind the wheel work with a “push-pull” mechanism that makes you upshift by pulling and downshifting by pushing.

You might wonder what is different compared to a normal paddle used in road racing cars: there are basically two differences:

1- The shifter is fixed to the base and not the wheel. This allows you to find it more easily, which is handy in rallying where racers rotate the wheel a lot more than in a regular road track.

2- You will have only one paddle, with the push-pull mechanism, instead of the right one for upshifting and left for downshifting.

Sim-Lab has put a lot of effort trying to replicate the feel of a WRC car. The base is made by alluminium while the paddle of carbon fiber, and make the product high-quality

Sim-Lab Push-Pull Rally Shifter compatibility

The shifter is compatible with PC only, and supports most of the racing games and simulations.

In terms of customisation, there are 3 arms that allow you to find the perfect fit for your base and your best position.
Included you will have the mounting hardware needed to place it on your wheel bases. Most of the famous wheel bases are compatible:

If you don’t play only rally simulations, the quick release system included will allow you to easily remove the shifter it when not needed.

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