Best Sim Racing Rigs / Cockpits

Best Sim Racing Rigs Cockpits

For those who maybe don’t know, the rigs or cockpits are where you mount your setup on. There are different types that go from simple rigs, where you can mount the racing wheel and pedals and just go for it, to cockpits, where further from the racing wheel and pedals, you mount a racing seat with multiple accessories like a shifter, handbrake, and even a monitor to take your simracing experience to the next level without leaving your room.

For this list, we selected the best based on functionality and quality, there are many brands on the market that offer multiple options from hundreds to thousands, many of them are similar in construction quality, style and materials but between the sea of products, not only the more expensive are the best.

Because there are a lot of these products in the market, we decided to make this list a little longer than the usual, that’s why today we bring the 7 best sim racing rigs / cockpits you can buy right now!

1. Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Racer

Wheel Stand Racer

For the start, we choose a sim racing rig, that is perfect for just plug and play without too many complications. This rig from Next Level Racing can be folded to be stored and still be ready to use in just 10 seconds with the patented design. 

This sim rig allows you to mount the racing wheel and the pedals in a realistic and immersive racing position. The frame of the rig is made in premium laser cut and robot welded carbon steel in matte black color. 

The stand where the racing wheel is mounted on, goes perfectly with Thrustmaster and Logitech wheel bases, this does not mean that other wheel bases are not compatible, and the height can be configured between 120 – 210 cm, so you can easily use it with your standard office chair or in front of your coach on the living room. 

The pedal angle is also adjustable, so you can find the better position for you. This product has L 60 x W 48 x H 50-75 cm dimensions and a total of 9 kg of weight without any hardware attached. 

Get more information about it in the official Next Level Racing website, where you will surely find another interesting rigs and cockpits that we bring today as well. The Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Racer can be found from $119 in the official site.


  • Carbon steel construction
  • Adjustable wheel height/ angle and pedal distance
  • Fold and store in 10 seconds
  • Lightweight product 
Mostly compatible with Thrustmaster and Logitech The stand that supports the racing wheel moves 2 – 3 cm 
Premium laser cut in the construction materialsInstructions for adjustments are not clear 
Upgradable to full cockpit 

Where to buy the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Racer?

2. Heusinkveld Sim Rig GT

Sim Rig GT

Continuing with the rigs, Heusinkveld has a very interesting option, and may not be the cheapest of the list but the quality we are used to from this brand, ensures that the price is not that bad at the long term. 

Starting with the construction, this sim rig allows you to mount multiple peripherals, including a triple monitor mount. The water jet cut aluminum brackets, in combination with the standard aluminum profiles, are a sturdy reason to trust the solidity of this rig. 

This rig allows the mounting of a seat, where Huesinkveld chose installation stiffness over lightning fast adjustments, and provide a serious firmness for simracers and motorsport professionals. The pedal baseplate is adjustable and is compatible and pre-drilled for Heusinkveld pedals, allowing to adjust every individual pedal to the left and right. 

Not only the Sim Rig GT let you adjust the seat, monitor and pedal base angle, but also the mounting of handbrake and shifter, with adjustable position brackets and cable management which comes excellent to keep everything organized around your setup.

The Sim Rig GT is compatible with DD1 and DD2 Fanatec bases, also with the Simucubre 2 in all the variants, the SimExperience AccuForce V1 wheel and is commonly used with the Lenze MCS12 series.

This is a complete and full of features product that you definitely should read about in the official site. The Sim Rig GT starts from €1114.88 and will last for many years as part of your setup. 


  • Water jet cut aluminum bracket and rigid aluminum profiles
  • Triple monitor mounting
  • Multiple accessories can be attached
  • Different adjustable parts
Durable and high quality materialsIs not a cheap for just a rig
Multiple adjustmentsDoesn’t include all the tools for installation
A god rig to mount a complete setup

Where to buy the Heusinkveld Sim Rig GT?

3. PlaySeat Challenge Black ActiFit

PlaySeat Challenge Black ActiFit

The Challenge Black Actifit has a foldable design, which is capable to mount a set of pedals and the racing wheel in a stable, resistant and lightweight frame. The design of the cockpit allows a full adjustability, resulting in a wide choice of racing positions.

The racing positions can go from upright GT style, rally body stance to the low-flung F1 race position. One thing about this cockpit is that it is suitable for both children and adults, so it would be a wise option if you have children to share the hobby with. 

With this cockpit you shouldn’t be worried about space, it folds to be stored, and still be ready to use just unfolding it. The maximum weight recommended for this cockpit is 122 kg and leg length of 220 cm max. 

It is compatible with most of the wheel bases in the market, including all from Fanatec, Thrustmaster and Logitech, etc. As well as the wheel bases, the pedals from the many brands are compatible too. 

Please note that due to the design of the cockpit, it is not suitable for Direct Drive systems. 

The PlaySeat Challenge Black ArtiFit is available at PlaySeat from $229. If this foldable cockpit caught your attention, you should read more about its features and specifications at the official product site


  • Foldable design
  • Stable frame
  • Multiple racing positions
  • Fully adjustable
Durable construction materialsNot compatible with gear shifter 
Suitable for both children and adults
The foldable design allows to storage the cockpit

Where to buy the PlaySeat Challenge Black ActiFit?

4. PlaySeat Trophy

PlaySeat Trophy

At this point in the article, it is time to get an upgrade on the cockpits, this PlaySeat Trophy has a stable and sturdy structure that adapts to your body and have been specially designed to feel the force feedback in the purest way.

The PlaySeat Trophy is fully adjustable so you can find the best and more comfortable position for you, the seat was made with the purpose that you don’t overheat, thanks to its breathable ActiFit cover you can lost track of the time while driving. 

Allowing to mount the pedals and the steering wheel, this cockpit is compatible with most of the bases on the market, including the ones from Fanatec, Simucube, Thrustmaster, etc. This cockpit is optimized for the Direct Drive technology, which is a huge upgrade in such a lightweight body and stylish design. 

The PlaySeat Trophy has a total weight of 16 kg without accessories, and supports a maximum weight of 122 kg and a maximum leg length of 220 cm. 

Take a look at the official PlaySeat site to know more about the features of the cockpit, it is available from $599, and is also compatible with all the systems. 


  • Frameless stable structure
  • Optimized for Direct Drive technology
  • Different racing positions
  • Fully adjustable
ActiFit material prevents overheating Not compatible with gear shifter 
Suitable for both children and adultsNot recommended for 2 meters tall people
Recommended for Direct Drive wheels

Where to buy the PlaySeat Trophy?

5. GT Omega PRIME Cockpit


GT Omega bring us this option today, the PRIME Cockpit, as it name says, feels like a prime option between the others, the GT style cockpit presents a durable aluminum construction and a handful of adjustments. 

The different parts around the cockpit are adjustable, from the wheel deck to the pedal base and the gear shifter mounting, offering a wide range of positions, find the right one for you. 

This cockpit is also prepared for future upgrades, so it can last longer in the simracing market. The GT Omega PRIME cockpit is compatible with multiple wheel bases from Thrustmaster, Fanatec, Logitech, AccuForce and more. So the possibilities to build your setup with this cockpit are a lot.

The GT Omega Prime can be acquired with different seat and deck options that can be chosen on the GT Omega official product page. Where is available starting at $1,029.90.


  • Sleek black anodized chassis
  • Adjustable seating position
  • Adjustable side mounting point
  • Perfectly suited for future updates
Multiple adjustments all around the cockpit
Fully adjustable steering position
Direct Drive compatible

Where to buy the GT Omega PRIME Cockpit?

6. Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Front Side Mount Edition

F-GT Front & Side Mount Edition

The F-GT Elite Front & Side Mount Edition is a hybrid position cockpit with multiple adjustments, allowing the user to adapt to Formula, GT, hybrid, truck and tank positions. 

This cockpit has a zero-flex front & side mount with 70 degrees of adjustability for Direct Drive wheelbases while the whole structure is made in post anodized custom carbon gray aluminum profiles, being scratch resistant and featuring premium carbon steel powder coated components.

This Next Level Racing cockpit comes with NLR seat slider and bracket system to eliminate the issue of flex when driving and adjust the position of the seat easily. As well as the seat, the pedal plates can be adjusted by sliding them too, these are compatible with most of the pedals on the market. 

The F-GT Elite is compatible with Next Level Motion system, so motion accessories can be added to take the sensations of simracing to the next level. This cockpit includes everything you need for the installation and mounting of your setup, from the side mount for the handbrake and gear shifter to the screws for all the parts. 

The Next Level Racing F-GT Front & Side Mount Edition supports a maximum weight of 150 kg, it is available from $1,099, and you can read about the full features in the official product page


  • All in one cockpit
  • Compatible with the majority of the racing brands 
  • Fully adjustable 
  • Compatible with motion systems
70 degrees of adjustability for Direct Drive wheelbasesHeavy weight
Compatibility of accessories with other cockpits brands
Strength and post anodized materials

Where to buy the Next Level Racing F-GT Front & Side Mount Edition?

7. Fanatec Rennsport Cockpit V2

RennSport Cockpit V2

This cockpit from Fanatec has a sturdy and resistant frame made in aluminum, being capable of mounting multiple accessories until have a complete setup mounted in the cockpit, this includes a pedal set, a steering wheel, a gear shifter and even a triple monitor set to make your experience more immersive. 

The RennSport Cockpit V2 is a cockpit made for the future, the wide range of accessories is extending every day, so you will be able to modify and improve your setup by the time with this cockpit. 

The RennSport cockpit V2 has multiple adjustments, which makes it flexible when it comes to choose the driving position, while the compact design makes it suitable for small rooms and spaces.

The RennSport Cockpit V2 is available in the Fanatec site from €999, we recommend visiting the official site to know more about the details of this cockpit.


  • Wide range of seats and accessories available
  • Fully adjustable
  • High quality material construction 
  • Easy to mount
Compatible with most of the racing brands in the marketA bit expensive
All tools for assembly are includedMounting brackets are need for Direct Drive
Sporty design

Where to buy the Fanatec RennSport Cockpit V2?


PlaySeat Formula Intelligence Red Bull Racing

Formula Intelligence Red Bull Racing

As a bonus for the article, we included this piece of engineering made by PlaySeat, the Formula Intelligence may look a little exaggerated for the list, but the truth is that we never know who is reading and more important, who may need to reed this, so here it is.

The Formula Intelligence Red Bull Racing is the latest from PlaySeat, its design makes it obvious that the cockpit is made exclusively for Formula driving style, the adjustable seating position match the F1, IndyCar, Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula 4, Formula Ford, Formula Renault 2.0, LeMans, LMP1 and more. 

The solid frame will make you feel like you are in a real formula car, while the seat is made in leather for a maximum comfort, the cockpit is used by professional drivers and esports athletes, like Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel. 

This cockpit is highly recommended if you only drive formula style cars, it supports a maximum weight of 122 kg and is available from $2499 at the official PlaySeat site.


  • The most realistic Formula experience
  • Adjustable seating position
  • High quality material construction 
Compatible with many racing brandsExpensive
Used by professional drivers and athletesNot suitable for GT and other racing styles
Formula design looks amazing

Where to buy the PlaySeat Formula Intelligence Red Bull Racing?

Our Thoghts

We think that choosing a cockpit or a sim rig is a very personal decision, we can recommend some of them, but it always depends on the space and budget you have. Remember that you don’t need to spend a thousand dollars to get a good cockpit, and not always the more expensive is the best for you.

If you lack of space at home, we strongly recommend the PlaySeat Challenge Black ActiFit, in our opinion it is a sure choice, it allows folding and unfold the cockpit for the storage, and you will be always ready to jump to the action in just a minute while still have a resistant cockpit.

But if you are looking for a more serious option, you should look after the Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Front Side Mount Edition or the GT Omega PRIME Cockpit, these options are the most complete of the list, thy both are ready for Direct Drive technology and allows mounting different accessories even from other brands.

Whatever your choice is, remember to do your own research about the products we bring you here, you could find a feature that is decisive for you between one or another.

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