Fanatec Clubsport DD+

Are you a Playstation user, or do you sim race with PC but feel like 12 Nm of maximum torque are not enough for your needs?

You are on the right page, Fanatec just announced the Clubsport DD+ wheelbase, a new 15Nm base with the latest technology available on the market.

The base comes at a price premium of around 300$/€ versus the Clubsport DD : the big question is, is it worth it?
Well, as said, we haven’t been able to test the products yet, but from what we see in the technical specifications, there are a few advantages with the DD+:

  1. Playstation 5 compatible (and PC): the DD only supports PC
  2. 12 vs 15Nm of maximum torque. Are you going to feel the difference? It depends on which cars and simulations you are using, but in general we feel like this is not make a big difference. By being slightly powerful, you will also indirectly get a (partially) better slew rate response according to Fanatec own tests (you can see them on the product page)

Other than that, we don’t see any difference, for now. For sure, if you are a Playstation user then go for the DD+, otherwise we believe for now it’s worth saying that you might as well save the 300$ and opt to the 12Nm of the Clubsport DD (at least until there will be more info on eventual other differences).

Both Wheel bases are using the new Quick release 2 (QR2) that has recently been released. The QR2 will give a much better stability and precision thanks to its new design, but it will require everyone to buy wheel-side QR2 adapters to use “Old” wheels.

The Clubsport DD+ is currently on preorder with expected shipping in MId December.

Max G

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