Fanatec Clubsport DD

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After months of speculation on what was coming next, Fanatec announced a new Direct Drive wheelbase for PC users: the Clubsport DD.

In a way, this is similar to what a lot of sim racing pundits were expecting: sitting in between the CSL – it’s entry level line, and the Podium – the premium one, the Clubsport is coming with a set of features in between the two.

With 12 Nm of maximum torque, sim racers will be able to cover most of the needs they might have. Unless, you are looking to simulate a non-power steering car: in that case, the 20-25Nm offered by the Premium are giving you more strength.

We have not been able to test the product yet, but other than offering more maximum torque than the CSL DD, there are a few new features that seems promising

1- Fullforce Technology: a new proprietary technology created by Fanatec that promises to revolutionise with what they call Force Feedback. This is a new protocol specifically aimed at Direct Drive wheelbases

2- Precision: with the use of a new processor, Fanatec promises the CSL Clubsport DD guarantee a much more precise response compared to the competitors products

3- New FluxBarrier technology to improve smoothness and the feedback you will get from your racing session.

On top of that, even by maintaining a similar design to the latest Fanatec Wheelbases, a lot of thoughts were given to improve the ability to not overheat and keep cool temperatures even for the most hardcore and long drives.

Compatibility: only for PC.

There is also a plus version, the Fanatec Clubsport DD+ that offers PC and Playstation compatibility, and 15Nm versus 12Nm

The Clubsport DD is currently on preorder and it is going to be shipped from November 7th

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