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Its a fact that Logitech sells its racing wheels, the Logitech g29 is one of the TOP sell products on simracing niche, and I know why, the product is at a very good price, nice looking and with a ton of functionalities and features. This company produces only 2 racing wheel the PS4 Version and the Xbox One Version, both are sell like fresh bread.

If we go for number most people just want a racing wheel to play with, not too complicated to setup , just plug and play,  and be ready to go, that’s the advantage of Logitech products, You can play almost any game with their wheels, and most important you don’t need any previous knowledge in adjust things like Force Feedback or Damper.

I buy you that, but if you are a serious e-racing gamer and planning to play at the top of the niche then you need to buy one of the Fanatec Ecosystem Products,  They are High-Tech and more customizable that Logitech products, I mean this company only product simracing Gears, they know very very well what they are doing.

If you don’t want to be limit at some point then Fanatec is the way to go, you can always start with your racing wheel and then add some new players to your setup, like pedals, shifter o even a cockpit. The sky is the limit.

Fanatec vs Logitech [ The Simracing Battle ? ]

Our Mission

My other mission is just to write the facts I have learned and witnessed for over the years that I have been sim racer. Thousands and thousands of forums, articles, and even videos about this topic but today I wanna decode everything about these two brands for you to pick wisely your wheel or else product they produce, passing from customer service to quality of products, let’s do it.

Features Compare

Force Feedback: PowerfulForce Feedback: Very good
Setup: It takes some time to configure, ( all wheels does )Setup: easy to configure
Can configure: sensitivity – strength of the Force Feedback – strength of the shock/vibration motors – ABS – The linearity – deadzone – Drift ModeCan configure: sensitivity – strength of the Force Feedback – strength of the shock/vibration motors – ABS – The linearity – deadzone – Drift Mode
Price: HighPrice: ok
Ecosystem: Full of products, ( They produce only simracing products )Ecosystem: Just 2 product
Competition: Yes, you can go to the competition with Fanatec wheelsCompetition: Not that much.


  • Better of E-sports / High level of competitions
  • Products with a high range of prices
  • A great ecosystem with much more options ( more products )
  • Most time pedals are not included
  • Pedals are much much better than Thrustmaster ( far)
  • Extremely customizable
  • All wheels have Direct Drive

Check Products On Fanatec


  • Price is really good
  • Limit ecosystem, you can only add a shifter to the setup.
  • Very good company
  • not that good for competition
  • Comes with pedals
  • For weekends players
  • Nice design and materials
  • Pedals are included ( I know that), but they are not at the top of the best in the market.

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More Insights


Warranty is something you should care about, simracing wheels are in demand all the time, soon or later you will need at least replace a part, and in worst cases replace your entire wheel.

Fanatec: for the U.S, Canada, and Australia Fanatec offers a 12-month warranty, in the EU It’s a 2-year warranty
Logitech: offers a 30 days warranty through retail

Customer services

Setup a simracing wheels the right way is not that easy, getting official tech support that let you adjust your telemetrics or just for you initial setups is very very import,  you will suddenly need to contact the customer services

Fanatec: all over the web you can find mixed opinions but mostly positives ones, the major complaint is about the hours and time to response.
Logitech: Not sure here, but they have a good knowledge page full of information and with an active community of people waiting for you.

Product Quality

Fanatec: Based on my own experience, I can say that Fanatec has better quality, the built-in quality is amazing, this German brand goes with everything when it comes to the finish, the aesthetic and the quality of the materials, definitely Fanatec is top-notch.

Logitech: products are made to last, Logitech produces very good racing wheels,  ready to play, you won’t any problem during installation or during playtime, their products are very reliable

Product Performance

In a basic level is better to compare 2 products and not the entire company that produces them, I mean not any singles product are equal, they produce products with different users in mind, different level of experience and different level of budget, It’s ok to know which brands are in the top of the line, but better for you compare feature by feature.

Take a look at the main feature a racing wheel should have, like Force feedback, compare each other and take you finale desition

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