Fanatec Black Friday and Deals 2021 !!

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Fanatec 2021 Black Friday Offers IS HERE !!!

Deals available from November 26th!

“FINALLY Fanatec BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Deals and discounts are here” 


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Last Modified: November 26 of 2021.

CURRENT Deal Highlights ( November 26 of 2021 ).

Fanatec just announce the Gran Turismo™ DD Pro! Racing Wheel !!

This is the Gran Turismo™ DD Pro!
The first official Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel for PlayStation®5.🔻

Introducing the official Direct Drive Wheel for Gran Turismo®. Combining PlayStation®5 console performance with FANATEC® Direct Drive technology for the smoothest and most dynamic force feedback sensations

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Gran Turismo DD PRO!

What Happens Last Year?

Last year I can call was, to say the least, “Interesting”, Fanatec is not the kind of company that announces big discounts, they usually do not run any sale discounts during the year. In fact, their biggest problem isn’t making sales, Their biggest struggle comes from deliveries and processing times, so making big discounts are not in their ADN anyway,

But Black Friday is different, people expect some kind of discounts from them, And they do so, the last year the discount was 20% off on some handpicked products. The deals were launched by noon, the same date of Black Friday until stock run out. The deals were on products most in the CSL Serie like the CSL Elite Wheel Base, CSL Elite Racing Wheel, CSL Elite F1 Set, and some other wheels in the Clubsport Series.

This year, 2021 shouldn’t be far from last, In fact, at the time of writing this, Fanatec has not announced any discount yet, they probably do so after the pressure of the sim racing community asking for them.

Key Note: One thing to mention is, Fanatec did a discount on products they knew were about to be replaced by new products lines, like the CSL DD, by the time unknown by the simracing community.

Last Year Recap

  • Black Friday deals start the same day at noon and stay online for a week, and until stock runs out.
  • Most deals were on products (Today ), very low-end products in their ecosystem.
  • The deals couldn’t be combined with existing promotions like the new CSL DD
  • The limit of available units of wheels and wheelbases was 2,000 per product.
  • Last year the discount was 20% off

Fanatec Black Friday (Last Year ) Video

Last year list

If we take a closer look at this list, you might wonder why Fanatec runs Black Friday deals on products about to pass to unavailable stay? If you think twice, does were nice products offered by Fanatec at the time last year, and they still are good products on today days, Not being in production doesn’t mean they are bad products, I fact does products were gonna sell anyway without a Black Friday discount for sure, so why don’t get a nice discount anyway?

We sure all spect Fanatec this 2021 announce an “a not too surprise” discount on products like the DD1 or the DD2 Wheel Bases, products that were released 4 years ago, and today well established and ready for people ( like me and you), waiting for a good deal to jump right into Direct Drive experience in the right way.

The point here is, we need to learn from the former list to act and expect the best for the upcoming 2021 and “still waiting list “, so you can buy on a good deal and more important with confidence that the product you gonna buy suits better your needs and budget.

  1. Fanatec Formula Carbon ( Not Available 2021 )
  2. BMW GT2 ( Not Available 2021 )
  3. Porsche 918 RSR ( Not Available 2021 )
  4. Universal HUB for Xbox One ( Not Available 2021)
  5. Wheel Base v2.5 ( Not Available 2021 )
  6. F1 Set compatible with PS4 / PS5 Systems ( Not Available 2021 )

Best Fanatec Black Friday Deals 2021


Deals by Regions (Discounted in Bundles)

This is not a Black Friday discount price, these are the current products at a discount price available on the Fanatec Website on regular basis, Until today Fanatec hasn’t released any Black Friday discount.


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Fanatec Black Friday Offerts and deals

When Will The Fanatec Black Friday Sale Start?

Black Friday this year is November 26th, 2021. Surprisingly Fanatec announce their Black Friday deals earlier this time, in previous years they didn’t do so, turning this all thing more exciting for the simracing community, this year, just like every previous year Fanatec will only run their Black Friday sale from the 26th of November and probably will end when they rich the 2.000’s sold-product mark, or for a week, or whichever comes first.


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Will There Be A New Product Announced?

This 2021 was big on new products releases, One of the biggest was the release of the Wheelbase CSL DD bringing the Direct-Drive technology into the masses, The announcement of the DD for the CSL Serie was a big thing this year,  Rapidly it became one of the most popular products on their ecosystem. I hope this year Fanatec does something different and announces not just discounts on regular products but in most demand products as well, like the CSL new wheelbase, or the new as well CSL Pedals. though with the increase of pre-order queues they are dealing with. I don’t see this coming do.


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How Big Will The Discounts Be During This Sale?

“Fanatec usually does not run sales or special prices throughout the year. There is one day per year when they sell products at a discount, and this is Black Friday.

The discount will be significant and in the range of 20%”, If you compare with the “normal” they do a 6%, So expect only discounting in a few best selling items in general terms.

Predictions for 2021

  • Podium Direct Drive Base

The best advice I can tell you is if you are planning to wait to buy the new CSL DD at discount, Don’t hold until that day, there is a big chance they won’t include the new release product for a discount price on black Friday. Is more likely to see a discount on old products like the Direct Drive for the Podium series, which today are more than 3 years old.

Current delivery times for the CSL DD are big enough to wait until Black Friday craziness to buy yours, so I might be wrong, but my guess is not a good idea to wait until that day to buy your product, if you want to grab your new CSL DD might be a good idea start sooner, and don’t wait until Black Friday.

If our predictions are right, and Fanatec offers a discount on the DD 1 Base, the final price would be around $960 US, With that 20% Flat off. Surely Not bad for a High-End product. But again, “this is just speculations”, Fanatec hasn’t released any Discount yet. And the last thing we want is to establish False or unreal expectations on you. We, like you, have to wait until Fanatec releases any statement or runs the sales.

  • CSL Elite Pedals

Another product that might be at a discount price is the CSL Elite Pedal, As you might know already Fanatec release this year a new pair of pedals, the CSL Pedals build mostly from steel and intended to replace the current CSL Elite pedals, If we follow last year’s pattern the CSL Elite pedals should be in the Discount batch for this year, But the question is, Worth the money to buy these pedals? If you think twice, the CSL Pedals are just 80$, not that bad for a good set of pedals, and sooner than later they probably discontinue the elite version anyway.


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NeWs AnD AnNOuNCEmEnTs for 2021

  • This was the last year 2019 /2020. ( what to expect for 2021 ) 

>>Thomas Jackermeier

After reading all the feedback about our Black Friday 2019 offers, I thought about what could explain the negativity of some posts.

In the lead-up to the holiday season, and we all make wish lists, and if we don’t get what we want, it can be disappointing. I think many of us know that feeling if you look under the Christmas tree and the thing you dreamed about is not there. Perhaps this is a similar situation.

What did we do differently compared to recent years? Not much. We always offered just a few products with a decent discount and even announced limited editions (Formula 2018) or new products (McLaren). We don’t encourage customers to wait for Black Friday because we prefer continuous sales and not big peaks.

Where we clearly failed was to manage expectations. And this is the reason for this post; I want to manage the expectations for future Black Fridays.

Future sales will be based on these basic rules:

Fanatec usually does not run sales or special prices throughout the year. There is one day per year when we sell products at a discount, and this is Black Friday.

There will be only one or two products (bundles or individual products) at a discount. There will never be a general discount of X% on all products or free shipping. This would just accumulate most sales to this one day and create massive handling and logistic problems.

The discounted products will be popular sellers, but unlikely to be newly launched products or products we’ve had on sale before.

  • The discount will be significant and in the range of 20% to 30%.
  • On top of the discounted products, we might sell a limited edition with special colours or better materials like the Shifter with Carbon Fibre knobs this year which also has a price advantage of about 30%.
  • We might also use Black Friday to launch a new product without a discount.
  • This is how we did it in the past and this is how we want to do it in the future.

Fanatec products usually have a very long life cycle; products like the BMW steering wheel have remained in our portfolio for over eight years. The prices on our products usually only go up over time (due to manufacturing costs and inflation), which means strong used value too. We are not fans of stimulating sales with discounts and we prefer to convince customers with quality, features, functionality, and a strong price-performance ratio. Our general pricing already represents good value due to the fact that we sell directly from our own website instead of retail.

I don’t believe in cheap. I believe in value. The craziness around Black Friday does not change our principles.

And please don’t get hyped nor disappointed. Buy the things you really enjoy and nothing more.

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Stay tuned we update this page on a daily basis to catch all Fanatec deals for you.


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Current Products At Discount Price

This is not a Black Friday discount price, these are the current products at a discount price available on the Fanatec Website on regular basis, Until today Fanatec hasn’t released any Black Friday discount.


Stay tuned for a special product launch …