Best Fanatec Racing Wheel For PC

Best Fanatec Racing Wheel For PC

Hello! My fellows, this post is for you to choose a present for (Christmas, Hanukkah, husband day?, All excuses are valid) “if you are serious about sim racing”, Think twice this, choosing the right product should be a smooth process for you, but actually It’s not, you have plenty of options in the Fanatec Ecosystem, and the last thing you want is buying something over your needs or worst, under your needs.

Today is your lucky day, We have tested all product and wrap up for you in an all in one guide, divide in your level for experience, from rookie to advance users, with this list you can choose the best option that suits best your needs

Without further words, here are the best Fanatec racing wheels for PC, since I know that everybody is not an expert I separate them patiently in beginner, intermediate and advanced. Of course, none of these products are cheap, but quality products never are; all are highly customizable and truly amazing one way or another.

Last modified: September 14 of 2020.

Best Fanatec Racing Wheels For PC

Long story short, all Fanatec racing wheels are compatible with your personal computer, yes all !!, This german company produces a variety of Simracing gears, like racing wheel, Steering Wheels, pedals, and so on, and most of them are fully compatible with your PC, This is a reasonable approach, I mean, what can be more powerful than a custom computer with full of graphic and memory available than any game can’t handle? I think nothing can’t be more setup than a PC!!!.

When we talk about Fanatec products we can’t leave out the table products prices, their products are quite expensive, just to jump in the field you will need at least $500 and I’m not adding a pair of pedals to the equation, that’s the reason for me today, let you know wich racing wheel will not break your pockets but at the same time being able to buy the best racing wheel for your needs,

Think on this, It’s not the same thing playing on weekends than being a full-time racer for and international e-game team, copy that?

Now that we are on the same page, this is our list of the best racing wheels for PC. This list is base on your level of experience, from beginner to advanced racers.

For Beginner

1 CSL Elite Racing Wheel – $499.95

High quality, that’s what you get, yes is for “beginners” but top class ones, compatible with PC and PS4, the CSL Elite Racing Wheel build quality is excellent, the wheel is cladded with real leather and suede, the face of the wheel is covered with buttons which are PlayStation symbols that you can swap in any moment, features a belt drive that gives you a smooth feel and the force feedback is consistent and strong, for me one of the best things is the ability to customize the wheel & accessories also the rev lights on the base and Tuning display on the wheel are amazing.

CSL Elite Racing Wheel - officially licensed for PS4™"
CSL Elite Racing Wheel – officially licensed for PS4™


Review: CSL Elite Racing Wheel officially licensed for PS4

  • Ultra-strong brushless servo motor which delivers up to 6Nm of torque
  •  Single belt drive unit with ultra-low lag and cogging
  •  DirectSensor™ on the steering axis to prevent influences of the belt drive on the position sensor
  •  Very fast steering wheel acceleration – ideal for drifting
  •  1080° of rotation which can be adjusted
  •  Saves up to 5 wheel set-ups
  •  Adjust sensitivity independent from the game.

($499.95) ->Best price on Fanatec

For Intermediate

2 CSL Elite F1® Set – $699.95

A real car that’s the feeling that you get, the brushless servo motor combined with the single belt drive gives you a consistent and strong experience, the force feedback is from another world, really really strong also you can save 5 different profiles (in the wheel display). It looks good, and feels great in the hands, is customizable and offers a lot of

CSL Elite F1® Set - officially licensed for PS4™
CSL Elite F1® Set – officially licensed for PS4™


Review: CSL Elite F1® Set

  • Sensitivity: wheel rotation, in ten-degree increments from 90º to 1080º.
  •  Force Feedback: from off to 100% power.
  •  Linearity: the higher the value, the less sensitivity at wheel center.
  •  Force, spring, and Damper: Change the three aspects of FFB individually.
  •  Brake Force: Alter the amount the pedal needs to be depressed for full braking power. The wheelbase rev lights will represent this while you’re in the tuning men

($699.95) ->Best price on Fanatec

3 ClubSport Racing Wheel BMW for PC – $849.90

Elegant, precise, quality engineering and an exact replica of the wheel found in a real BMW M3 GT2 race car, this is what you get if you buy the ClubSport Racing Wheel BMW, made with real Italian Alcantara that feels incredibly good in the hands. In the game you feel tremendous feedback like a real car (for real) the synchrony between the pc, the wheel, and the driver can’t be described, this combined with the telemetry display technology gives you a performance to dream about it. Some of the

fanatec clubsport racing wheel BMW For PC
Fanatec Clubsport racing wheel BMW For PC


Review: ClubSport Racing Wheel BMW for PC

  • Replica of a steering wheel as used in BMW touring cars.
  • The realistic diameter of 320 mm allows precise maneuvers and a smooth driving.
  • Durable construction fully made of metal.
  • 11 Buttons plus two paddle shifter buttons with ultra-reliable switches.
  • Two vibration motors integrated into the wheel rim.

($849.90) ->Best price on Fanatec

4 ClubSport Racing Wheel Forza Motorsport – $999.95

Great built quality, high-end materials like aluminum, amazing smoothness; this and more you can find it here, this engineering masterpiece of technology has come to set a new standard on racing wheels, some reviews even say that It’s as close as you can get to direct drive wheels without actually buying direct drive, Simply put; it doesn’t get any better than this.

Fanatec clubsport racing wheel forza motorsport for PC and Xbox
Fanatec Clubsport racing wheel forza motorsport for PC and Xbox


Review: ClubSport Racing Wheel Forza Motorsport

  • DUAL HALL technology: One Sensor is mounted on the motor and a second one on the axis. It does not get more precise than this.
  • Ultra-strong brushless servo motor
  • High belt tension to avoid any slippage and durable ball bearings to minimize the drag
  • 900° of rotation which can be reduced in the tuning menu of the attached ClubSport Steering Wheel
  • Wheel base made of CNC machined aluminum parts with anodized finish

($999.95) ->Best price on Fanatec

For Advanced

5 Podium Racing Wheel F1 – $1,799.95

This is the number one item on my Christmas wish list, direct-drive baby, this is the ultimate level of sim racing, the wheel is constructed with carbon fiber and has 27 cm diameter, with 11 buttons, 12-way multi-position switches, thumb encoders, rocker switches; it’s more than you can handle. Also offers a strong feedback immediate and detailed response, includes a paddle module that gives you a better action in the shifts, of course, that price offers a lot of

Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1
Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1


Review: Podium Racing Wheel F1

  • F1®-style steering wheel with a compact diameter of 27 cm for fast movements and reactions.
  • Durable construction made of metal and carbon fiber.
  • 5 mm solid carbon fiber front plate with blue accents.
  • Ultra-low torque ripple ensures minimal mechanical distractions and the same smooth experience as in a belt-driven wheel
  • Motor acceleration and speed remain at the highest level, even with heavy steering wheels.

($1,799.95) ->Best price on Fanatec

Wrapping Up

Take this seriously, chusing the right racing wheel depends most of the time of two things, the game are you going to play and the level of skill you have, Fanatec comes in a variety of shapes and sizes but if you are looking for a “multi-use” wheel then the CSL Elite Racing Wheel – officially licensed for PS4™ USA is for you. Looking for a more F1 style? then the CSL Elite F1® Set – officially licensed for PS4™ USA would be your best option.

Want to start your gaming career as a real pro? then the Podium Racing Wheel F1 will put you on the right path.

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