Logitech g29, a classic sim racing wheel still going strong

How can a sim racing reviews website exist without a proper review of one of the classics of all times, the evergreen wheel that everyone has at least tried once in his gaming career: the Logitech g29 

Released in 2015, as a replacement for another classic, the Logitech g27, it has retained some of its design but with improved features. More recently, in 2020, Logitech has released the g293 which has some slight improvements but does not rule out the g29 from the market at all.

The wheel is priced competitively, currently at 249$ on Amazon.com and sometimes you can find great discounts that make it a great option if budget is tight.


Logitech g29 still going strong

The dual motor belt-driven wheel has a base force feedback that helps simulate the feeling of driving a real racing car.
Logitech does not specify how many Nm this wheel has of maximum torque, but around the web you can find many sources that say it’s slightly above 2Nm (2.1). This is clearly below what you can get with a higher budget: as a comparison, the newer wheelbases such as the Fanatec CSL DD, with the newest direct drive technology, have at least 5Nm.

The wheel has a led indicator that helps with up and downshifting and it’s made of hand-sewn leather. 

A definitive advantage of the Logitech g29 is that it comes with a pedal set, with 3 pedals (gas, brake and clutch), so you’re already race-ready which can be a good option if you’re new to sim racing.Pedals are quite basic but they do the job, made of plastic and with no load-cell like the most advanced options in the market.

Mounting the wheel: you can use the embodied plastic table mount that makes it easy to attach it to most surfaces and keep it stable. 

Another one is that it is compatible with both PC and PlayStation devices, although it does not work with Xbox, for which you’d have to opt for the Logitech G920 , which has is a bit more minimalistic version without a couple of button and knobs and the LED indicator, but overall with the same technology underneath.
The Gearbox set is not included and should be bought separately



Solid wheel with a lot of history, good for sim racing beginnersOnly 2Nm can feel too low compared to other wheel bases (at higher prices)
Bundled with pedals and everything needed to start racingPedals are not great 
Sometimes you can grab great offers on Amazon or other websites 


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