CSL pedals LC with Loadcell

If you are looking for an entry level set of sim racing pedals that do not break your bank, but don’t want to do without a basic feature such as the Load Cell technology, then the Fanatec CSL Pedals LC should definitely be one of the products on your list.

This bundle combines the cheapest pedal set from Fanatec, the CSL, and add the Load Cell Kit at a reasonable price (below 200$/€).

Thanks to the loadcell technology your breaking is much more realistic: you can adjust your breaking based on the pressure you put on the pedals instead of the travel distance of the pedal as it happens with the cheapest gaming products available in the market.
This is not only good for realism, but also can make you much more consistent in your lap times: you can build real muscle-memory and replicate the same breaking lap after lap much more easily.

CSL pedals are a great entry level pedals set for Sim Racers, when combined with the Load Cell Kit

The CSL Pedals LC are made by metal (except paddles), with a minimalistic design that might seem to make the plate a bit shaky, but it is generally quite stable. Online reviews also show that each of the 3 pedals are quite stable and there is limited flex.

Fanatec also offers the option to upgrade the pedal plates with the Tuning kit that can be helpful for both appearance and comfort as the plates are bigger and allow you to use the heel-and-toe technique if you like to.

As said, the difference of this Load Cell enabled “bundle” versus the base CSL Pedals is the Load Cell Kit, which is basically replacing the brake of the base version (that will now be used as a clutch), and giving you a new and upgraded brake pedal with Load Cell.
The loadcell has a 60kg of maximum pressure, which is probably enough but lower than the more expensive Fanatec pedal sets such as the Clubsport v3 or CSL Elite pedals V2

You will be able to connect directly with your Fanatec Wheel base: in that case you are able to control your pedal settings directly from the wheel. If you don’t have a Fanatec Wheel, then you’ll have to connect with the PC via USB and use the Fanatec Software for setups.

In terms of compatibility, you’ll have full PC compatibility, and you will be able to use the peripheral with PlayStation and Xbox consoles if plugged to a Fanatec wheelbase.

Are you looking for a Direct drive wheel base? Check out our review of the cheap Fanatec CSL DD or the more expensive Fanatec DD1

 Last update: March 2023

Product overview

Product TypePedals 
ModelCSL Pedals LC
PedalsGas, Brake, Clutch 
Editorial Rating 8.2
Ready ForPC, PlayStation* and Xbox *
*Only when used with a Fanatec wheelbase


   Brief Design Overview

  • Metal construction (except for pedal plates – which can be updgraded with the Tuning Kit)
  • Laterally adjustable
  • 12 bits sensors on pedals for precision
  • 60kg Load Cell on the brake pedal
  • Need to be mounted (the bundle comes with CSL Pedals + LC kit)



  • PC: Yes
  • PlayStation: Yes, in combination with a Fanatec Wheel Base
  • Xbox: Yes, in combination with a Fanatec Wheel Base,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can this pedal set make me faster?

Generally it’s not easy to know if with Load Cell you will be faster. What is sure is that it will be much easier to modulate pressure and being constant lap after lap. And it will probably give you much more precision, making the experience much more realistic. 
This should be already enough in our opinion, but of course who is not looking for an extra tenth of a second here and there?

Should I buy the CSL pedals or go for a more advanced pedal set?

This mostly depends on your budget and how serious you are about Sim Racing.
Personally, we think this is already a good starting kit or a good upgrade if you come from cheaper “plastic” pedals, but you might also check the Clubsport V3 if you want to “future proof” your Sim Racing experience, and use more sophisticated setups such as the brake performance kit.


Final Verdict

The CSL pedals are undoubtedly an interesting option as an entry-mid level pedal set.

The only (minor) issue we see is that they come as two separate products which means the Load Cell Kit needs to be mounted. With the help of the manual and the countless resources you can find online this won’t be a huge problem probably though.

And, you can already set it up in the most ergonomic position for your driving style!

Related Product(s)

CSL pedals (without LC): the base CSL pedals come at a much cheaper price (79.95$/€), but lack the Load Cell and has only two pedals. Unless you are really on a budget we recommend the LC version.

PRO TIP: you can also upgrade and buy the Load Cell Kit later on, but please remember that you will have to pay shipping costs twice, and risk that the product will be sold-out or discontinued

Where can I buy it

You can buy it from many distributors online, or directly on the Fanatec website at the following links:


Fanatec CSL Pedals








Load Cell



  • Good price
  • Nice design
  • With Load Cell you can be much more consistent overtime
  • 12 bits resolution
  • Can connect directly with the PC (CSL Pedals with no LC cannot and need the USB Adapter)


  • Needs to be mounted
  • Less easy to mount on a sim racing cockpit than alternatives
  • 60kg Load Cell vs 90kg (probably not a problem anyway)
  • Gas and clutch “softer” than other Fanatec products
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