Podium Wheel Base DD1

fanatec podium wheel base dd1
Fanatec Podium wheelbase DD1

Fanatec Podium Wheel Base DD1 Review

Fanatec Podium DD1

Worth the money?

Remember when you jumped from a controller to force feedback wheels? This´s kind of the same experience, we transition here in terms of both racing accuracy as well as immersion when you upgrade from a “normal” wheel to a direct drive system. With DD You will improve your realism and precision, overall It feels you make a transition from a toy into a real race car.

But do we really need that much seen of realism? for a normal guy like you and me looking to have fun with friends and having a good time on weekends is it an “intelligent” investment or not?
The point is direct drive systems are made for an expert racer in mind, you will require a good driver experience to truly take advantage of all new functionality the direct-drive ecosystem has to offer.

To explain things better with this new force feedback you can achieve three main important aspects of sim racing. Determinate for example what kind of surface your wheels are in, just by feeling, The accuracy, you want for sure all you do with your racing wheel is transmitted into the game with the most accurate as possible. and lastly, the ability to adjust “telemetry” your sim racing experience, just like in real cars, when you adjust your car for better results.

All these required a lot of experience and for a mid-range racer like most out there this is really hard to achieve, If you are looking to get into the e-racing competition better you save some money for one of these marvel pieces, yet you are planning to buy you first racing wheel you have for sure better and cheapest options available in your hands.

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Fanatec DD1 Direct Drive Wheel Base
Fanatec DD1 Direct Drive Wheel Base

The Buyer’s Guide and Review

Last modified: November 04 of 2021.

Product Overview

Product Type Wheel Base
Model DD1
Serie Podium
Pedals Not Included
Editorial Rating 9.1 Rating
Ready For PC / Xbox Ready ( Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
Product Page Fanatec PODIUM DD1


Brief Design Overview

  • The Direct Drive Revolution ( welcome the Direct Drive era )
  • Outrunner-type motor engineered ( specifically designed for sim-racing )
  • Built to last ( 5 Years Warranty )
  • Wireless data and power ( Endless rotation thanks to the direct-drive motor ), all data is transfer into the wheel wireless
  • First plug-and-play direct drive wheelbase
  • Fully compatible with the existing Fanatec ecosystem
  • OLED display
  • FULL Backwards compatibility


PS5: No PS4: No PS3: No

PC: Yes 

Xbox: Yes  Xbox Series X: Yes 


  • This wheel base is natively compatible with your personal computer (PC) in combination with all available Fanatec steering wheels.
  • This wheel base becomes compatible with Xbox One® and Xbox Series X|S when used with any Fanatec Xbox-licensed steering wheel.
  • It’s not compatible with Playstation systems

Peripherals Compatibilities

  1. All Fanatec Podium Steering Wheels
  2. All Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheels
  3. All Fanatec CSL Steering Wheels
  4. All Fanatec Pedals
  5. All Fanatec Shifters
  6. RennSport Cockpit V2 (sold after Q4 2017)
  7. ClubSport Table Clamp V2.




  • High Customisation
  • You will need a lot of money to grab one of these
  • No Latency
  • Just for experts
  • Quality ( Build quality is impressive)
  • The full features need experience to adjust for better results.
  • New OLED display
  • BETTER and improved FFB

What is included?

  • Podium Wheel Base DD1
  • Torque Key
  • Quick guide
  • Power supply (480 Watt)
  • Power cable (regional)
  • USB cable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Fanatec dd1 worth it?

Yes it does, Direct Drive technology came to change the simracing experience for the better, Of course, all this comes with a price, and Fantec Direct Drive systems arent cheap. If you are planning jumping into the competition a direct drive base will give you at least a fair start point on high demand competitions.

What is the best direct drive wheel?

Fanatec Direct Drive systems are not alone, products like Accuforce Pro V2 comes from the factory with Direct Drive technology as well, and in a very good price range ( with wheel included ), but if you are like me and preferred perfect design and a nice-looking wheel-base with a big company behind your product. stick with Fanatec.

Why are direct drive wheels so expensive?

The technology involved in producing these kinds of products is high, if you want to take force feedback realism to the next level you can´t cut down on anything.

Which Fanatec wheelbase is the best?

That’s really hard to make a straight podium for the best Fanatec wheel, choosing a simracing gear, in general, is a matter of needs, expectations, the kind of immersion experience you want to get. Is like buying a car, if you carrying a family of 5 probably a two-doors sporty car won’t help that much. Same here!

One thing I like about Fanatec products is their vast ecosystem of products, there is one product out there for any type of sim racer, and you can setup your gear based on those factors and level of experience without even looking anywhere on the market.

I suggest starting slow if you are new to this, Fanatec recently reveal their new entry-level simracing wheelbase, the CSL DD, introducing the Direct Drive technology into the masses, Perfect for people looking to wet their feet on simracing without breaking their bank account.

Otherwise, you are ready to maximize your experience on the track getting the top of the top should be a priority for you, and those extra Force Feedback come just with products like the Podium Direct Drive base.

Final Analyze

Is Fanatec DD1 Worth the money? That’s the big question here, The answer is 100% yes, you will get the ultimate driving experience with this product, definitely is a big improvement from the “regular” FFB belt-driven wheel, but be aware of the price and time you will need to get back all that technology. More than 1.000$ is a lot of money ( just for a base ) but if you are planning a simracing long-life career or planning just getting the best out there, the DD1 is a very good investment.

Fanatec Podium DD1


Fanatec Podium Wheel Base DD1






Force Feedback







  • Next level Force feedback realism
  • New specifically design motor for simracing
  • Endless rotation
  • OLED display
  • compatibility with all existing Fanatec steering wheels


  • Price is high
  • Not in-built kill switch