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So, you decided to go on an adventure and buy a wheel but your budget is not as big? We might  have the solution for you to accomplish your Sim racer goals: have you heard about the new CSL DD Race Ready P1 Bundle for PC? If not, here all the juicy details about this brand new starter kit that can be used on PC and also Xbox.

The cheapest way to get a Direct Drive bundle

With a price of €/$499.95 this wheel will allow you to race both on Pc and Xbox. With the use of the Direct Drive technology, you will have access to much more realism and fun compared to a cheaper entry level wheel (where instead of a direct drive motor the wheel uses an old-school belt).

With this bundle you will get 5Nm of torque, that can be expanded to 8 via the relevant Boost kit. You will also have the entry level pedal set of the CSL Serie, with two pedals. If you are new to sim racing and want to get something that can get you race ready, this is probably the best option on the market if you like the Fanatec brand – one of the top selling manufacturers of sim racing hardware.

As a steering wheel, the bundle offers the CSL P1, that you can see in the picture above. It is clearly not the most exciting wheel in the market, but we believe it is quite flexible and does its job and the Led can provide some info (speed, gear and other settings)

If you have some more budget to spend, we recommend the 8Nm version and an upgrade to the pedals via the Loadcell kit. With this, you will have a much more realistic brake pedal, and an additional clutch pedal.
If you are a Playstation user, you won’t be able to use the CSL, but you could buy the Gran Turismo DD Pro which is basically the same wheelbase and pedals with a Gran Turismo themed wheel.

By buying the bundle vs all products separately you can save 50$/€

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Gran Turismo DD PRO

Looking for a Playstation, PC and Xbox ready compatible wheel? Then you might opt for the Gran Turismo DD Pro version.
This bundle offers a wheel base with the same tech of the CSL DD, but with a slightly different design.
The main differences? For sure the wheel, with buttons and controls tailored for console users and with the Gran Turismo branding, and the compatibility with all 3 main sim racing platforms.

Do you only play on PC? Then we suggest you to pick the CSL DD, unless you are in love with the wheel design of this Gran Turismo bundle

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Podium DD1 Formula Elite Bundle


If you are in the mood to, or can afford to spend more (just above 2000$/€) the last Fanatec Bundle we introduce is the DD1 Formula Elite. This is made by the DD1 Wheel Base (up to 20Nm), a Clubsport Formula 2.5 wheel and the CSL Elite v2 pedals.

For sure a great combo, but probably a bit too pricey and for that budget you might want to get slightly better pedals such as the Clubsport V3

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Frequently Ask Questions ( FAQ)

  • Which Fanatec wheel is the best?

It’s hard to say which one is the best Fanatec Racing Wheel, but what we can do is, list our top 5, starting with the most advanced in the top, we do this because telling you which one is the best depends in many factors, like experience, money available to invest, and too many other factors that can take place, Like what already you have in your hands.

Here is the list. ( We also have reviews for most of them )

  • Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel.  >> Review
  • Podium Racing Wheel Formula for Xbox One and PC
  • ClubSport Racing Wheel V2.5 GT Forza Motorsport for Xbox One >> Review
  • ClubSport Racing Wheel V2.5 BMW GT2 >> Review
  • CSL Elite Racing Wheel F1® Esports >> Review
  • Why is Fanatec so expensive?

Fanatec made high-end sim racing products, their products were thought for a niche in mind, for the most advanced, prices start at $800–1400 US. Fanatec is after a specific profile of racer, those looking for extremely high simulate racing experiences.

The question is, worth the money? We think it does, they produce high-end simulation wheels with the most advanced technology in the industry.

  • Where is Fanatec made?

Germany, products are developed in Germany, produced in Asia, and sold globally in Fanatec® online webshop. In the US you can buy the products as well on the Fanatec website.


Fanatec wheels are not cheap, that’s a fact, but lets be honest, Quality products never are, but I know ether that many of us don’t have that amount of budget to start in this business, this is when bundle come to play, the save you money buying more than 2 product at once.

A point to remember is that with Fanatec you can always make upgrades to your setup, as the ecosystem is super flexible, so you don’t need to worry to much for instance if you just have money for a 5Nm CSL DD as you will be able to bring it to 8Nm later.
The advantage of buying bundles is that you can generally save 30-50€/$ or more compared to buy the products separately (surprisingly it is not the case on the DD1 Formula bundle from our latest calculations)

What I like about Fanatec is, you can do your own setup, this company won’t limit you on this, using the SETUP FUNCTIONALITY you can choose your racing wheel, pedals, u other gear that you like with just a click.

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